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How Do I Connect With The Lurker Jobseeker?

Let’s say you have a group of potential applicants who have signed up to be notified when you post new jobs to the branded careers portal you have available through an applicant tracking system. And they’re sitting there… lurking… reading about the jobs you have posted. Some are clicking through to the full job description, others are starting employment applications, a few are screening the details and then forwarding to friends, and some are hitting delete without opening the email. How do you connect with all of these potential applicants? What can you do?

Engage Passive Candidates for Employment

Why would you want to encourage someone to go from “Lurker” status to an actual legitimate applicant? Yes, they might be your dream candidate. Or yes, they may fall short of being your dream employee. Maybe it’s not about making the Lurker an applicant, maybe it’s only about connecting and engaging others in the employer brand of your company.

A Lurker could be anyone. It could be your vendors, an employee’s partner, a retired grandfather helping his soon-to-be discharged military grandson, a competitor, etc. The list of possibilities is endless. But one thing is for certain, this person has a network of his/her own, too, and word of mouth is the best and fastest form of marketing. Let’s focus on connecting with the Lurker.

I would suggest sending an email to your subscribers when your company is:

  • Planning to attend a job fair
  • Getting ready for a hiring boost
  • Having a public open house

Notifying your subscribers at this point would be ideal because you would give them time to plan accordingly to attend the function and/or update their resume. If the Lurker is keeping an eye on your jobs on behalf of someone else, he/she can share the good news and serve as a cheerleader for your organization, encouraging the potential applicant to attend or keep an eye out for soon-to-be posted jobs.

How will you connect with your Lurkers?

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