Yield to Unicorn Job Descriptions

Beware of Unicorn Job Descriptions

Every job seeker has seen a “unicorn” job description. This is where an employer has created a job description with unmeetable standards. This is not to say that they seek someone under the age of 25 with 40 years of experience, but perhaps they require a candidate to have experience on proprietary software that was just created; or maybe the ideal candidate should have four degrees and speak seven languages. Does this magical person exist?

Perhaps, but the bottom line with unicorn job descriptions is that there aren’t many individuals who meet the absurdly high standards they contain. But job seekers, you should not be discouraged! In fact, you might want to consider applying for the position anyway.

Should You Apply for a Unicorn Position?

If the job appeals to you, and you can see yourself in the role, keep reading through the position’s requirements and responsibilities. In general, if you meet at least half of the required qualifications and have experience doing at least half of the listed responsibilities, you should apply. When it comes to education vs. experience, you can probably be considered with some combination of resume bullets that address the listed responsibilities.

The fact is, no one who applies for the the unicorn job listing will be fully qualified. Because, well, they’re looking for a unicorn. And unicorns don’t exist.

…except during one of our office coloring contests at ExactHire.



Are You Writing Unicorn Job Listings?

If you are guilty of writing unicorn job listings, that’s okay. Perhaps you are new to writing job descriptions, or you want to ask for everything just to see who you can get. But if you want to maximize your chances of getting the ideal candidate, it may make sense to seek guidance. Consider reading these articles to gain valuable advice on writing job descriptions that will open the doors to more qualified applicants for your posted positions.


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