Attract Top Talent

4 Tips to Attract the Best New Hires

So you have decided to hire a new employee, how are you going to ensure you get the best new hires for the job? Here are four tips to guarantee you attract the best talent for your new position.

Offer a competitive salary and benefits.

If you want to attract good applicants, you will need to compensate them appropriately…this means being better than “average.” Employees that are well compensated tend to work hard because they feel valued; while those who are not happy with their salary or benefits, may often not work as efficiently. To keep and attract the best staff, make sure you offer attractive benefits as well as good pay. Make schedules flexible when possible, allow for sick leave without using vacation days and offer health plans that are relevant to your staff (to name just a few ideas).

Show your company spirit

Who wouldn’t want to work for a place that knows how to have fun, and still be productive? When you post a job, make sure you review any social media sites your company manages. Look at them from the applicant’s point of view… what do your status posts and content say about your company culture? Make sure your Facebook page shows the environment in the office, and the great teamwork that everyone enjoys…and then other individuals will want to join the team! The applicant will see that the company values its employees and this will attract qualified candidates.
Show Company Spirit on Facebook

Strive to be well known in your industry & local market

Many qualified candidates want to work for an organization with a name they recognize; they feel comfortable knowing more about the company before the job is even available. As a whole, your company should try to make itself known in its industry, not just to sell products, but also in order to attract top talent. At the very least, be known for having a positive recruitment brand within your local market. This can be achieved by joining organizations, attending networking events and volunteering in your community. This shows a lot about how your organization values work ethic and company culture, as well.

Think outside the box

What other ways can you find good help? Does your company offer a bonus program to employees that refer a new candidate? If you do not have an employee referral incentive in place, it’s a great time to think about starting one. Also, try to think about other opportunities to find good candidates – don’t be shy about proactively approaching them, instead of waiting for the applicants to come to you. This can be done through social media and informal networking.

All these efforts will help your organization attract the best person for your new position. ExactHire offers software that helps organizations to improve job fit across their workforce. For more information, please visit our resources page or contact us.

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