Three tips for hiring technology positions

3 Tips That Help A Technology Company Get More Applicants

In 2010-2014, technology companies were one of the few bright spots in the U.S. economy. Even when other organizations were laying off employees, many tech firms were in solid (and sometimes spectacular) growth mode. With the data that’s available to us at this point in time, this sector of the economy appears poised for ongoing growth and expansion, well into the future.

That’s excellent news if you own or work for an organization like this. If you are a recruiter or hiring manager, however, it poses some challenges. While some of these challenges are familiar (i.e., how to make potential applicants aware of openings, how to make good hiring decisions, how to retain the best, etc.), my focus today is on how these companies can develop an ongoing pool of talent from which to draw.

Below are 3 key ideas to consider if you are in a hiring role for a technology company:

Make it easy for candidates to find your positions

Certainly, posting them on your career site makes sense. However, try to take advantage of free job boards and/or college career sites to spread that message. Provide your existing employees an easy way to share your openings via social media channels. This will help to leverage all of those collective relationships and often will allow you to tap into more of the passive candidate space. Our applicant tracking software tool facilitates both of these tasks for you and your team.

Make it easy for career site visitors to stay in touch with you

If they’re referred to you (employee referral, social media, etc.) and visit your career site, you want to maximize your return on that visit. If the person isn’t ready to apply yet or doesn’t see the position for which they’re qualified, give them a platform to opt in and be made aware of future openings. A good ATS should provide you this functionality.

Make it easy for people to apply

This is targeted toward the experience your candidates will have if they choose to apply for an opening. At the same time, you don’t want to sacrifice your internal time as a trade off for simplifying things for the candidate. For instance, allowing candidates to simply email you their resume with their targeted position in the subject line is about as easy as it can get for the candidate. From your end, however, it creates significant issues around where to keep the list of candidates for a given job, what you think of them, next steps in the process, email correspondence with them, etc. On the other end of the spectrum, asking the candidate for a full application with a lot of detailed information is about as easy as it can get for you. Not so much for your candidates.

An approach many of our clients use with our recruiting software is to meet in the middle with a two-step application process. Ask candidates for some very limited information upfront to encourage them to “throw their hat into the ring.” Part of this process, however, is requiring them to answer some quick, simple questions unique to that particular job for which they’re applying. The answers to those questions may be scored behind the scenes, allowing the client to very quickly zero in on the applicants who meet their minimum criteria. Those that move forward may be asked for more detailed information at a later point in the process, but all of that is kept within the same applicant file record. Good for the candidates (especially in-demand IT professionals that won’t take time to fill out a long application), and good for the firm.

Following these tips will help your technology company attract more quality candidates, engage them quickly, and allow you to stay connected with them for current or future openings. If you’d like to learn more about our applicant tracking system, please visit our resources section or contact us.

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