Release Notes: Application Self-Service, Emerging Reporting Functionality and Robust Role Permissions for Users

We publish Release Notes to highlight recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new with ExactHire. This edition reflects updates made to the ExactHire product currently in beta.

When you invest in hiring software, you want the assurance that the product will be easy to use and your HR technology budget wisely spent. And, the peace of mind that it will be powerful enough to meet your hiring needs.

The new ExactHire hiring software platform is intuitive, reasonably-priced, robust and full of customization options that aren’t always accessible to small- and mid-sized employers.

Scalable customization for small and medium employers

In this edition of ExactHire Release Notes, we cover:

  • employer self-service access to employment application edits and additions,
  • emerging reporting functionality and the new insights builder, and
  • unprecedented flexibility to create unique role permission sets to accommodate users at all levels.

Employment application sections

In the ExactHire application, you’re able to manage multiple employment application versions to suit different job categories such as

  • hourly workers vs. executive workers,
  • employees in different geographic locations, and
  • external job applications vs. internal employee transfers.

In the example below, the setup is in edit mode with various application sections on the left side. Each rectangular box in the middle represents the questions attached to the bolded section.

You may reorder application sections by dragging and dropping section headers, and you may click the “Add Section” button to include other customizable sections from our library.

Employment Application Section Reorder | ExactHire

Employment application required questions

Our library of application sections makes it easy to start a new application setup quickly. And, while you will be able to customize and add your own questions, it is nice to have a template in place for commonly used questions across standard employment applications.

For a quick customization on the go, you can turn on and off question requirements with the toggle of a switch while in “Edit” mode. Then, switch to preview mode to see how the change takes effect.

Required Employment Application Questions | ExactHire

Library of employment application questions

ExactHire makes it easy to add additional application questions. Simply scroll to the bottom of an application section to search our question library for the perfect addition.

Our library of thousands of questions makes it fast and efficient to set up questions. Questions are already application section-appropriate, and we’ve done the research to make available questions that are powerful and relevant additions to your employment application.

We’ve created the question library as a foundation so that our platform can eventually generate powerful recommendations for you about which questions produce the best insights into applicant suitability…and power the most optimal conversion. Because when you standardize the question set-up, you harness the power of data to spot trends.

And, ExactHire will enable you to add your own unique questions to the question library, as well.

Employment Application Question Library

Details make a difference

ExactHire is powerful enough to let you customize the little details that help your job seekers efficiently navigate through your employment application. Not only can you change the name for each application section to suit your own preferences, you may also update the number of entries required in certain sections, such as the Employment History section.

Then, if you change the number of required entries, you have the ability to make the section instructions more specific to outline the requirements, as well as remind job seekers to take certain actions in the footer section before they click through to the next section.

While the standard instructions are always available as a template, it’s nice to know that you can truly make your organization stand out amidst your competitors by adding little touches on the entire application experience—and there’s no need to wait on developers or support tickets–it’s all at YOUR fingertips in our new platform.

Employment Application Instructions Details | ExactHire

Fail safe features

Sometimes we’re moving through our day so quickly that we unintentionally forget the small stuff…but, there’s no need to sweat the small stuff in ExactHire. We’ve built fail safe features so that you don’t lose unsaved work.

As you make changes in any of the employment application sections within Edit mode, if you forget to hit the Save button before you switch to Preview, no worries. The very act of clicking the Preview mode button will automatically save any recent changes!

Preview Employment Application | ExactHire

Reporting sneak peak

The ExactHire development team is working hard to make reporting an intuitive, non-disruptive tool within the ExactHire interface. You’ll be able to access reporting tools in different dashboards within ExactHire. Simply select the Reports button and choose between Standard Reports (which cannot be altered) and the My Reports section in which you can run your own custom reports on demand. Our insights builder will let you pull in key details such as assessment scores, candidate availability and anything you desire to make decisions effectively and quickly.

Within reports, column headers that turn to black text upon cursor hover may be clicked to change the alphabetical sort direction of the column’s contents. And, anywhere you see grayed out buttons, we’re previewing exciting features that will be here before you know it.

Report Insights Builder | ExactHire

Personalized email tools

Because you’ve already seen that we love to make self service simple with drag and drop functionality, you can expect nothing less in our smart email template builder. Simply name your email template, provide a subject line and then add personalization tags throughout the body or even the subject line of your message by dragging the appropriate label into the window. And, the ExactHire platform allows for basic HTML formatting—just access the styles you want in the email template editor.

Personalized Email Tools | ExactHire

Next level user permissions

When it comes to roles and user permissions, ExactHire really shines with customization functionality. You may create your very own user role types, and then apply them to users as you go.

As an Admin, you may view any existing standardized roles and see…in a VERY granular way…what various role types can view, AND on what they may take action. Then, if you feel you have users that need slightly different permissions, you may create your very own role types. There are two ways to do this: You may clone an existing role type; or, you may also create a brand new role and tick off views and action check boxes one by one to build the ideal role. Once you have your role preferences in order, you can start applying them to existing and new users in your ExactHire platform.

Within the Users area, and depending on your role level, you may easily expand existing user permissions to quickly remind yourself of role views and actions, as well as resend registration emails and reset user passwords. You may also edit role types, name/email details, and/or delete an existing user.

Imagine the possibilities as you share YOUR preferred view and action permissions with users across your organization.

Permission Sets User Roles | ExactHire

Looking for more detail?

Get the right answers from job seekers during the application process and without waiting on someone else to customize your application for you.
Empower others in your organization to view and take action on candidates with exactly AND only the information they need. Simplicity driven by robust user permissions will power their adoption of the platform.

Our new ExactHire platform not only makes applying easy for job seekers, but it makes administration a cinch for staff users. And, even though self-service functionality is especially prevalent in this platform, you can still rely on our team for the same great support many of you already experience—whenever you need it.

Watch our recorded webinar to learn more about the features outlined in this edition of Release Notes.