Release Notes: Mobile Application, Dynamic Questions, Candidate Texting and Hiring Teams

We publish Release Notes to highlight recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new with ExactHire. This edition reflects updates made to the ExactHire product currently in beta.

People are too impatient to spend time on creating or consuming complex communications. Especially when there are simpler alternatives for achieving what they want. And so, job seekers won’t spend too much time engaging with you during the hiring process in a job market that favors them due to low unemployment.

To attract and retain talent, employers need to

  • meet candidates where they are…on mobile devices,
  • deliver a quick and easy application experience to job seekers without sacrificing the core information necessary to properly screen applicants,
  • reach candidates with the communication methods they use most frequently, and
  • make it easy for hiring managers to communicate quickly with job seekers and to stay on top of candidate statuses.

Communication without complexity

In this edition of ExactHire Release Notes, we’ll cover new features now available in beta for the new ExactHire recruiting software platform.

    • Mobile employment application
    • Dynamic application question requirements
    • Sending and receiving applicant text messages
    • Outgoing and incoming email attachments
    • Hiring teams for job positions
    • Application stage change prompts and notifications

Mobile Employment Application

Having a mobile-friendly employment application is a critical component of applicant conversion. You must meet job seekers on the go, and make it easy for them to quickly filter your job listings page to a narrower view of positions most relevant to them based on position name, type and location. At first glance, candidates just see the first few lines of job description detail; however, they may click on additional details to expand the job description content area.

ExactHire makes it easy for applicants to apply to more than one position at a time if they prefer. This is an especially helpful feature for multi-location employers that offer similar positions across stores clustered in the same geographic area.

If it’s the first time a job seeker is applying with your organization, then he will be prompted to complete a candidate profile and you’ll notice that he now has the option to opt-in to receiving text messages regarding the position to which he is applying.

As candidates complete sections of the employment application, it’s easy for them to navigate the fields and screens without finger pinching and squinting. This is communication without complexity.

Dynamic Application Question Requirements

In the ExactHire applicant tracking system, there is now a way to make certain employment application questions required based on the answer chosen by applicants during the application process.

You may conditionally require both multiple choice and text box questions based on how earlier multiple choice questions are answered by the applicant.

No more finger pinching! Job seekers may select jobs and complete an application on mobile devices easily.

Mobile Employment Application - Recruiting | ExactHire

Take advantage of dynamic question requirements that prompt applicants for additional information based on previous responses.

Dynamic Employment Application Question Requirements

Sending and Receiving Applicant Text Messages

The ExactHire beta now offers the ability to text candidates from within the platform. This happens in the messages area of the applicant record and is available for applicants who opted in to receive text messages during the application process.

With texting capability, you no longer have to worry about candidates who haven’t set up their voice mail, or who have voice mail boxes that are full. Now, instead of candidates ignoring your call because it comes from an unrecognized number, you can leave a text message including your name and organization.

Imagine how much more quickly you’ll be able to move candidates through the front end of your interviewing process.

Text messages are delivered instantly and as candidates reply, their responses are recorded in the messages area, too. Bi-directional communication is also now available for email correspondence with the applicant. You no longer have to copy and paste email replies from candidates into the recruiting platform.

Applicant Texting Recruiting Process | ExactHire

Outgoing and Incoming Email Attachments

ExactHire allows internal users to attach files to outgoing candidate email messages.

Use cases for this new feature may include sending a PDF map of your office, including a Word document interview schedule and candidate visit agenda, or sharing a photo of your latest office potluck to encourage top candidates to appreciate your company culture.

Candidates receive your file as an attachment to their email message and the experience is seamless.

And, in case you were wondering, candidates can send you file attachments, too. They show up within the messages tab in the email history and when you click on an attachment it opens in a separate tab in your browser window for easy visibility.

Applicant Tracking System Email Attachments

Hiring Teams

We’re pumped to introduce the hiring teams feature! For each position that you post, you may designate a unique group of users to receive notifications as applicants advance through the hiring process.

This especially works well if, for example, your human resources department screens job applications and then passes qualified candidates off to hiring managers at later stages in the process.

Imagine the simplicity of users opting in to receive notifications only for the critical hiring milestones that are relevant to them.

Recruiting Software Hiring Teams | ExactHire

Application Stage Change Prompts and Notifications

With your hiring team players now in place for a position, it’s easy to select stages at which various users are notified of candidates’ progression through the hiring process. As a candidate’s stage is updated, you may now optionally provide an advancement reason, too.

Your hiring team members are notified of stage changes to which they’ve subscribed via email. It’s communication without complexity…for your hiring managers!

Application Stage Changes Notifications | ExactHire

The Best Features for Easy Applicant Communication and Movement

Imagine yourself attracting and converting more applicants per position, AND improving the response rate of candidates at the initial screening stage. What would that mean to your time to fill metric?

Not only does ExactHire make it easy for applicants to filter jobs, apply from their mobile devices, and respond to your interest, it also makes it simple for hiring managers, recruiters and HR to stay on top of multiple requisitions and candidate updates.

Better hiring is possible, and it starts with ExactHire. Get the tools to communicate without complexity.

Looking for more detail?

Watch our recorded webinar to learn more about the features outlined in this edition of Release Notes.

Applicant Communication Movement Features | ExactHire