Release Notes: Tracking Job Application Abandonment and Improving User Experience

We publish Release Notes to highlight recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new with ExactHire. This edition reflects updates made to the ExactHire product.

One of the biggest obstacles to increasing your applicant volume is the complexity and length of your job application. And, for many HR professionals without the right technology, it’s impossible to know just how many job seekers start the online application…only to drop-off before finishing.

That’s why ExactHire has added reporting that makes it easy to track applicant “drop-offs” and analyze the average amount of time it takes for an applicant to complete your application. And, we’ve implemented new application navigation features to help users quickly take action on different job applicants.

With the information you can glean from these new tools, you’re on your way to planning action steps to optimize your hiring process!

Optimize recruiting from the start

Our development team has been busy adding a number of enhancements to the ExactHire hiring software platform. We’re confident that these updates will make you more efficient, as well as give you access to new and exciting applicant tracking functionality.

In this edition of ExactHire Release Notes, we’ll cover:

  • the new applicant drop-off report and how to read it;
  • the ability to now star and set your own preferred, default reports;
  • improved search functionality…across the entire platform;
  • the new “quick jump” option to navigate between assigned organizations;
  • how to quickly advance applications by stage for a single office or store location;
  • the customizable, application submission thank you email; and,
  • brand new private note options on candidate applications.

Accessing the Application Drop Off Report

At ExactHire, we are big believers in shortening the job application at the initial hiring process step in order to engage more job seekers to convert on submitting an application.

Job seekers have short attention spans. You should keep an eye on how many job seekers start your application, but do not make it to the completion finish line. This is known as your application drop-off rate and you can monitor raw drop-off numbers…as well as the average amount of time it takes job seekers to submit your application…in our new report.

To access our system’s Application Drop Off Report, begin in the Settings area by clicking on the cog icon. Then, click on Reports.

The report will open automatically. Adjust the filters to control the date range and the jobs visible in the results.

Please note that this report is only available to users with the right permission set. By default, it is included for an Admin user, and you may toggle it on/off for specific users by going to Roles, selecting View Permissions and then expanding the Reports section to display View Standard Reports.

ExactHire Application Drop Off Report

Setting a default report

Is there a certain set of data that you find yourself visiting every time you log into your hiring software platform? Wouldn’t it be nice to make it your report landing page?

Now, you can set your own personal default reports for both the Jobs and Applications tabs in ExactHire.

Simply navigate to the drop-down arrow to the right of your current default report on either the Jobs or Applications tab, and then click the ellipsis icon next to your preferred default report. Then, select “Set as Default Report.”

Please note that these changes won’t take effect until you log out and then log back into the ExactHire portal.

ExactHire | Set Default Report

Improved hiring software search capabilities

We have recently rolled out improved search functionality within ExactHire.

You may now more easily search job templates. Use the keyword search area to find specific words in job template names, and you may also narrow your job template search results by selecting specific job template tags and/or internal ID labels.

We understand that organizations who frequently hire, and especially those who have a large number of similarly named jobs want to find the right job template quickly.

But, we didn’t stop our search enhancements there. Now, across the platform you should notice subtle enhancements in how search works to get you what you need…right when you need it.

For example, in the past, when I filtered my search results, each time I selected an item the background would refresh to include that item…one at a time…and that would slow down the system. Now, the background does not refresh until you click out of the filter drop-down…after making all of your selections.

Additionally, you will see that when you click back into the drop-down area, you will find that the items you previously selected are grouped together above a horizontal dividing line.

We understand that clustering selected items makes it more efficient for you to tackle hiring process tasks.

Better Hiring Software Search | ExactHire

Jump between organizational accounts

If you’re an ExactHire user supporting more than one division or organization, you may now easily switch between ExactHire portals in a drop-down in the upper left corner.

Once you select a different organization from that drop-down, you will automatically be logged into that other organization’s portal in another tab.

Multi-organization users with the right permissions are able to assign other users to multiple portals.

And, you’ll find that only user roles available in those respective portals will be presented as options for selection.

This is a great time saver for shared services recruiters supporting multiple divisions or organizations under one parent account.

Quickly advance candidate job applications by stage

Our next enhancement is a time saver for organizations who frequently have applicants apply to more than one position at the same branch or location. For example, that could include job candidates for a host, server or cashier position at the same restaurant.

This enhancement looks at applicants who have applied to not only multiple roles at the same location, but who also have applications that are currently in the same stage.

In this animation, this candidate has applied to 2 different jobs at the North Side location and both applications have started in the Screen stage.

When we move this candidate to a new stage for the currently selected application, the advancement reason box allows us to optionally check the box for “Quick advance applications at location North Side”.

Once this has been done, both applications for this candidate at the North Side location will have been changed to Interview. However, I only had to take my time to change one app.

This is a big win for employers of hourly, relatively interchangeable jobs at a specific location.

Quickly Advance Job Application Stage

Custom thank you emails

You may now use ExactHire to customize the thank you email that applicants receive upon submitting their application to your organization.

Navigate to the Communication Templates area, add a new thank you email template…or select one you’ve previously created…and then click the “more options” ellipsis to the right. Then, select “Set as Thank You Email.”

Read the on-screen prompt regarding which personalization tags are acceptable, and then you’re all set to give your applicants a more personalized acknowledgment of their application submission.

Private notes about job candidates

Select users now have more variety available when it comes to leaving notes on applicant records.

Users with the role permission of “View Users” will have the option to manually select specific users. These selected users will be able to view the note shared with them.

There’s also now the ability to create and view private notes in the Notes area of the applicant record. Only users with the role permission of View Private Application Notes will be able to create and view notes marked as a Private Note.

The creator of the note will always be able to view the private note regardless of his assigned role permissions. All users who are specified, or, have the private notes permission, will see the private note.

Finally, users who have been granted permission to create application notes may now create a note that is visible only to themselves by using the “Only Me” option. This note will not be visible to anyone else regardless of role permissions.

You’ll see that each of the three note types I’ve discussed have their own specific icon.

A note that is shared with specific other users is denoted by the users icon.

A Private Note is denoted by the no visibility icon.

An Only Me note is denoted by a lock icon, and if there is NO icon next to a published note, then it is public to all users of the system who are able to see this candidate application.

These are optional features and if you do not wish for certain users to have the ability to leave notes, then you may restrict these permissions in their role type.

ExactHire Job Candidate Private Notes

Looking for more detail?

Watch our recorded webinar to learn more about the features outlined in this edition of Release Notes.

Tracking Applicant Drop-Off Rate with ExactHire