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Using Hiring Software to Find Temporary Help

Finding temporary help can be difficult in any business, but the need to do it can happen in all industries, at any size of company.  This currently hits home for myself as I will be on maternity leave in the near future. (Don’t worry, I will try to keep up the blogs for my loyal followers, haha!)  Regardless of the reason (seasonal hiring, maternity leave, illness or other medical reasons) finding good temporary help can be hard.

Things to remember when hiring temporary help

  • Do not look for the cheapest option – you still need someone that represents your company well, including its culture and product. Spend a little more time, effort and money if necessary, as this will save you in the long run. Having to rehire halfway through a seasonal position is very costly.
  • Treat temp employees as you would any other hired employee – they may become full time employees or come back during other seasons if needed. If not, they still are representing your company and you want them to feel welcome and part of the group. They may also be able to refer other employees in the future if they have had a good experience with your organization.
  • Provide training and resources – do not let the temporary employee “sink or swim”, he/she needs adequate opportunities like all other hires. This is similar to the last item, you want him/her happy at the new position because it will reflect well in the long run. Happy employees make for happy clients as well.

Use Applicant Tracking Software to find temporary employees

When hiring for any job, being efficient and consistent is important. These are two of the biggest advantages of using Applicant Tracking Software (ATS).  This is especially true for hiring temporary employees.  Our ATS allows you to collect all the necessary information about candidates’ past work experience; as well as, ask “knock out” questions that use scoring and flagging filters to allow you to narrow your applicant field efficiently.  Once you have found several candidates that are a good potential fit, you can effectively make your decision after interviewing this smaller group. Don’t worry about cost, there are ATS options that are economical even for small companies.

With these things in mind, you can approach the hiring process for temporary staff similarly to any other hire. Have a plan and follow it. To learn more about our hiring software products, please visit our resources section or contact us today.

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