Email Templates in HireCentric ATS

Use Hyperlinks In Your Email Templates

Have you truly taken advantage of the ability to build email templates in the ExactHire applicant tracking software yet? As you probably know, they do come in handy when it comes to quickly and efficiently emailing large groups of applicants with similar and/or repetitive types of messages such as: no thank you notices; selection process updates; and offer of employment details.
However, did you know that you can use HTML code in your email templates to add text formatting and URL hyperlinks?

Consider your potential uses for a hyperlink:

  • Link to the map/directions page of your company website when sending an interview invite to an applicant.
  • Link to a document that sets forth an applicant’s agenda for an upcoming series of in-house interviews.
  • Link to an external site where an applicant may complete paperwork such as a background check release.
  • Link to a new job posting on your Search Jobs Page when emailing past “A Player” applicants, and invite them to reapply to more recent job listings.

The best news is that you don’t have to know HTML code, yourself. ExactHire is happy to assist you with building such an email template for your site as a part of our ongoing and personal customer service. Just let us know what your ideas are for an email template and we’ll get started! For more information on email template capabilities in the HireCentric applicant tracking system, view our tip sheet here.


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