Applicant Tracking System Implementation Questions

Top 5 Questions Asked During Applicant Tracking Software Implementation

Each time we embark on an applicant tracking software implementation for a new client, there are a handful of questions that seem to come up repeatedly. Since you may be wondering about these even before walking down the implementation path, I thought I would share them with you. Some may not make sense immediately, but the more you get to know our product, or even if you are considering other tools, the more sense these will make.

1.  If I submit my implementation forms now and I change my mind about how I thought I wanted something set up during training or while exploring the site, can I change it?

Yes. The earlier in the process that you know this, the easier it is for us to make the change and have zero to minimal impact. It is advantageous if you read some of our tip sheets and play around in the system a bit before going through one-on-one training with us in order to familiarize yourself with the site. This will help you to determine if you may want to change something before your site goes live and you begin accepting applicants. If those questions are fluttering through your mind, we can chat before training or during training. Again, the earlier the better.

2.  If an applicant answers a question that is built with automatic scoring and/or disqualification filters using a “disqualifying” answer during the employment application process, will the applicant automatically be sent a “no thank you” email?

No. Although automation is nice, humans are on the other side of the equation and let’s admit it… we all make mistakes. Maybe the applicant accidentally answered no when he/she really meant yes, and you can clearly tell by looking at the other parts of his/her application that is potentially the case. You wouldn’t want to turn down that applicant only to turn around in a few weeks and ask him/her for an interview. The system will mark the application as disqualified, but it is up to you to initiate the communication. However, rest assured that we make this exercise simple by offering email templates with personalization capabilities that may be sent to groups of applicants at once.

3.  How many email templates can I load into my system? And, can I override them at the last minute?

As many templates as you would like! And yes, you may override the email template language (i.e. make text edits to body of message, subject line and sending address) just before you send them, if desired. My only bit of advice is to make sure you name the email templates in a descriptive manner so, at a glance, you can quickly recognize which template you would like to use to communicate to an applicant or group of applicants.

4.  Should I set up employees at my company as “contacts” or as “users” within the ATS?

This really depends on the situation. Let’s assume that since you are already contemplating having the person be a contact rather than a user, that this person will be using the lowest level user type if added as a user. If that is the case, then the next question comes to you: Will this person be accessing the system on a regular basis? If the answer is yes, I would make the person a user…one username, one password, always accessible. If the answer is no, I would make the person a contact…temporary password, and accessible for only a short amount of time.

5.  I’m cautious; what if I do something wrong?

We can make changes. We’re nimble. The ATS software site does not go live until you have been trained and are ready to accept applicants. We have an entire support staff that is happy to answer your questions. And, you have access to an online support library full of tip sheets, too. We realize that life is not lived in a bubble and we strive to find solutions so if you feel that you ‘do something wrong’, the worst that will happen is that we have to find a solution. Plus, we enjoy problem solving anyway!

Considering an ATS for your organization? Visit our online resources section for more information; or, contact us to schedule a live demo.

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