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Social Media As Recruitment Tools

As an undergrad at Purdue University, my campus was one of the first beyond the Ivy League to gain access to Facebook. Then, as I recall, it was used for connecting people based on shared courses or majors…but also for creeping (a practice that endures today).

Of course, social networking sites existed long before Facebook. Some of these sites floundered and failed, others still exist today. All of these sites succeeded by connecting people to people in one way or another.

Today, social networking sites do so much more than simply connect people. They have transformed from sites you only visited for fun, to tools you use for gaining knowledge, insight, and opportunities. LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and countless others connect people with ideas, news, art, events, brands, and–increasingly–prospective employers.

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Be There Now

As an organization, it’s tempting to see the top ten growing social networking sites and think “we gotta be there too! Right away! Now!”. But once you begin talking to your audience in a new way, you then must be prepared to answer in that way as well. It’s no different than including your cell number on a business card–you implicitly commit to answering all calls to that number, and you risk losing business should you not.

So you can see that incorporating just a handful of social media channels into your talent recruitment strategy can easily become overwhelming. But with competition for talent becoming fiercer each day, what’s an “HR Department of One” to do? You can’t be everywhere…can you?

One answer is to determine which social media platforms are most popular. A recent survey by the Pew Research Center illustrates that Facebook is still king in terms of number of users, but other platforms are adding users at a faster rate.

% of online adults who use the following social media websites, by year


That’s good information to know, but it’s also important to consider how frequently users are using the platform. When looking at frequency of use, again Facebook leads the way with 70% of its users choosing to interact daily.


Frequency of social media site use


Ok. So we know which platform has the most users and which one has the most active users. So we go with Facebook and call it a day? Or do we choose Facebook and LinkedIn (because LinkedIn is like Facebook for professionals). And we stop there because we don’t have enough time to manage anymore than that.

Sadly, this is still the conclusion that some HR professionals reach today. Facebook is familiar. That’s where everyone is. LinkedIn is for professionals. That’s where the best will be. It’s a decision that allows the organization to answer: “Yes, we’re on social media.” Unfortunately, while an organization may “be on social media”, it may not be leveraging it to meet its business goals.

Social Media As Tools

Social networking sites are not just places to be, they’re tools to be used. The savvy HR professional knows this, and so they utilize multiple social channels to attract talent in different ways–they use the right tool for the right job. But they don’t chain themselves to a screen in order to post to and monitor multiple platforms. By using an Applicant Tracking System that supports social media and job board integration, the “HR Department of One” can now write once and post to multiple channels with one click. These job posts contain links to a branded career portal, where prospective applicants can learn more about the position, the organization, and how to apply.

Social media provides HR departments with a valuable set of tools. Managing these tools in a way that enhances existing processes–rather than bogs them down–is vital to competing for the best talent in any industry. By utilizing an Applicant Tracking System to manage your social media channels, you can maximize your organization’s social media presence as part of an overall talent recruitment strategy.


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