Release Notes: Multi-Job Apply, Application Jump Start, Repeat Job Apply and Never Hire Status

We publish Release Notes to highlight recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new with ExactHire. This edition reflects updates made to the ExactHire product currently in beta.

In today’s job market, employers can’t afford to make job seekers take too much time or overcome too many hurdles to apply to open positions. Yet, organizations do still need basic applicant information to make smart decisions during the hiring process.

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In this edition of ExactHire Release Notes, we discuss ExactHire HR software platform features and

    • how to allow job seekers to apply for multiple jobs at once,
    • how returning job seekers may apply to additional jobs without a password,
    • how employers who use “evergreen jobs” may leverage the ability for job seekers to re-apply to the same job ID, and
    • how to use the “never hire” option.

Dynamic Application Question Requirements

In the ExactHire applicant tracking system, there is now a way to make certain employment application questions required based on the answer chosen by applicants during the application process.

You may conditionally require both multiple choice and text box questions based on how earlier multiple choice questions are answered by the applicant.

Apply to More Than One Job at a Time

ExactHire empowers applicants to search for relevant positions and then quickly apply to multiple jobs in one application session. It’s as easy as ticking off a few checkboxes.

This is an especially helpful feature for multi-location employers that offer similar positions across stores clustered in the same geographic area.

And the best part about multi-job apply…? It’s that if you have different job-specific questions for different jobs, the applicant is still prompted to complete any unique question prompt for each position selected, but at the same time…he’s NOT having to redundantly complete the same questions over and over again if they are attached to multiple job listings.

Multi-job apply | ExactHire

Job Application UX

When it comes to a job seeker, making it straight forward for your future hire to apply is what will make or break your hiring process. That means, that the mobile device version of your job listings page looks very similar to the desktop version…because you don’t want job seekers to be lost when they move from one device to another.

It also means goodbye to finger pinching and squinting just to see the filtering options available on the job listings page. ExactHire presents options for selection with easy to check boxes to narrow a candidate’s search.

Job Application UX | ExactHire

Jobseeker Mobile Navigation

Keep job seekers committed to completing your job application with a progress bar. This easy-to-spot indicator assures your applicant that he is making headway through the process and it’s worthwhile to hang in there until the application is complete.

The mobile navigation button makes the mobile user experience as robust as the desktop experience by enabling insight into all the application sections–including the currently selected section.

If job seekers jump sections ahead too hastily, we’ve designed ExactHire to make it clear when additional information is still required before they are allowed to submit an application. Missing info is obviously presented in large red text…regardless of device used…and upon selection these red headers return the job seeker to the appropriate application section.

Mobile Navigation Recruiting Software | ExactHire

Prompts to Apply for More Open Jobs

Once a job seeker has completed all required questions within the job application, she is allowed to submit the application with the click of a button. In the case of this applicant, she’s applying to three different jobs at once in her initial application…which is optimal for this employer because these high-turnover positions are all similar in responsibility, requirements, compensation and geographic location.

And even though this applicant has just applied to three positions at once, the initial phase of our new platform is still prompting her to consider more open positions with an easy call to action called “See More Open Jobs” on the application submission confirmation page.

Apply to More Jobs | ExactHire

Application Jump Start for Returning Applicants

ExactHire saves job seekers from having to remember user passwords for candidate profiles. This comes into play when they’ve previously applied to one or more of your job listings, and they wish to return to your career site to apply for additional opportunities.

ExactHire allows returning job seekers to “jump start” subsequent applications with only their email address. The ATS automatically recognizes return applicants once they’ve entered their email, and prompts them with the “Jump Start” message. With the applicant’s confirmation, an email is sent containing a link that allows the candidate to quickly review their previous details and launch new job applications. Candidates don’t have to re-enter previous information that automatically carries forward; however, they do have the option of updating it when appropriate.

Jump Start Job Application | ExactHire

Allow Applicants to Reapply to the Same Job Listing ID

In industries such as healthcare, quick service/restaurant, property management, nonprofit and retail, we see employers posting oodles of job openings for twelve months or more at a time. We call this evergreen job posting. While this saves employers time on opening and closing the same job listings over and over again, it does have the significant problem of preventing applicants from reapplying to the same job listings at a future date when they are potentially more qualified.

The new ExactHire fixes this obstacle. Repeat applicants may reapply to the same job listing ID whenever they choose.

Applicant Job Listing Reapply | ExactHire

Administrators Managing Applicants Who Reapply to the Same Job Listing ID

We’ve designed ExactHire so that administrators and hiring managers may easily manage application volume from applicants who reapply to the same job listing ID.

From a candidate’s record the recruiter or hiring manager will navigate to the Applications tab. Note in the animation below that this applicant has applied to three different unique job listings over time; however, the first job listed on the Applications tab has a little carrot symbol off to the right. This lets us know that the candidate has applied to the same job listing more than one time.

When the carrot is selected, it will expand to reveal the different dates on which the applicant applied to that job. Whether a candidate reapplies to the same job a day later, or a year later, ExactHire makes it easy to manage the resulting application volume without being disruptive to the screener.

Managing Repeat Applicants | ExactHire

How to Use the Never Hire Feature

At times, there are overzealous applicants who apply repeatedly despite the fact that they will never be qualified to work for your organization.

For example, if someone previously worked for your organization and then was fired for doing something that bans her from future consideration…you would want to put her on your never hire list.

ExactHire makes it a cinch for you to mark that candidate as “Never Hire.” When she reapplies to any position using the same email address, you’ll see her name in easy-to-spot red text.

Never Hire Feature | ExactHire

Looking for more detail?

Watch our recorded webinar to learn more about the features outlined in this edition of Release Notes.

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