Release Notes: Interview Scheduling, Custom Tags, Job Previews and Maps Integration

We publish Release Notes to highlight recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new with ExactHire. This edition reflects updates made to the ExactHire product.

The ExactHire team has been “springing” into action this season in order to continue bringing you innovative new feature updates for the ExactHire applicant tracking system.

In this edition of ExactHire Release Notes, we’ll cover exciting new functionality such as

  • the interview scheduler which integrates with your calendar,
  • customizable advancement and disqualification reasons,
  • customizable tags that may be used to manage and organize users and jobs,
  • job listing previews to simulate how a job description will appear to external job seekers,
  • a WYSIWYG editor for application templates, job questions, and candidate emails, and
  • how to utilize Google Maps integration to improve your candidates’ experience.

Interview scheduling

Are you looking for a simple way to schedule interviews with job candidates?

ExactHire now supports calendar integration with Google, Apple, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and calendars. Once your calendar account is linked to ExactHire, you can invite candidates to schedule interviews based upon the criteria you set and your real-time availability.

Invite job candidates to schedule an interview from their individual job application within ExactHire. Send them multiple options or first ask for their availability, using ExactHire’s integrated text messaging or email.

Once candidates select a preferred time, your calendar will update accordingly and they will receive a confirmation email automatically.

Interview scheduling calendar integration | ExactHire ATS

Customizable advancement and disqualification reasons

We’re continuously creating new ways for you to make your hiring software more flexible. ExactHire users now have the ability to create and edit application advancement and disqualification reasons within the application settings area.

Application advancement reasons are used when changing an application stage. Examples of reasons you may wish to adapt include

  • meets basic criteria,
  • good assessment score, and
  • good interview.

Application disqualification reasons are used when marking an individual application as disqualified. Examples of disqualification reasons you may wish to use are

  • did not respond,
  • did not show for interview,
  • answer disqualification, and
  • offer rejected.

Customizable tags

Guess what? Users have the ability to create and edit tags now, too! Tags are a type of label that can identify and/or restrict permissions depending upon use.

Once tags have been created within your ExactHire portal, one or more tags may be assigned to various jobs and users. The tag(s) assigned to a job will control which users will have permission to view the job and the applicant records assigned to the job.

ExactHire Hiring Software Scope Tags
ExactHire ATS Report Tags

Job listing previews

It is now possible to preview a job prior to the position being set to “Active” status. Job previews will open in a new window within your browser. 

The custom URL for a job preview may be shared with others for job information review. NOTE: The “Apply Now” button will not be available for use within a job preview.

Preview Jobs in ExactHire Hiring Software

WYSIWYG editor for application templates, job questions, and candidate emails

WYSI-what you say? The acronym WYSIWYG stands for “what you see if what you get” and it often refers to text editors that allow the user to see what the end result will look like while the content box is being edited.

ExactHire now includes WYSIWYG editors when creating or editing content for application templates, job questions, and candidate email messages. These text editors expose many formatting buttons and tools to go beyond basic plain text content.

ExactHire Recruiting Software WYSIWYG Editor

Integration with Google Maps

Now, make it even easier for your job seekers to locate which of your job opportunities are closest to their home or traffic route. 

Your ExactHire ATS career site now includes a geolocation feature powered by Google Maps. Candidates can immediately see the different locations of your organization’s multiple job opportunities on a scalable map.

And, they may even optionally enter a specific address and mile radius search to easily see which positions are closest to their desired location.

ExactHire ATS Careers Google Maps

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