Release Notes: Applicant Stages and Disqualification, Compliance Reporting and Application Template Updates

We publish Release Notes to highlight recent product improvements we’ve made so you can easily stay up to date on what’s new with ExactHire. This edition reflects updates made to the ExactHire product.

The tools that employers use to source and select talent matter. And, the internal processes to which organizations have incorporated those tools directly impact the quality of hiring data and inform better workforce decisions.

In this edition of ExactHire Release Notes, we’ll cover functionality now available that is directly related to how our software platform builds a solid foundation for gathering actionable hiring insights.

Moving applicants through the hiring process

Applicant stage

The ExactHire portal distinctly separates the stage at which an applicant resides in the hiring process from the reason an applicant may advance or be disqualified.

The available stages are standardized across the platform so that your reporting is simplified, and so insightful time to hire by stage data can be aggregated across our platform in the future.

Standard stages now include

  • Applied,
  • Screen,
  • Interview,
  • Interviewed,
  • Made Offer, and
  • Hired.

Applicant advancement reasons

When selecting a new stage for an applicant, the user is prompted to optionally choose a specific advancement reason. If a reason isn’t desired, then one may choose the “Do Not Provide Reasons” option before confirming the change.

By identifying candidate advancement reasons, organizations can begin to understand which applicant qualifications tend to result in promotion through the process, as well as what manager users are seeking in qualified job candidates.

ExactHire Applicant Stage Advancement Reason

Applicant disqualification reasons

If at any point the recruiter or hiring manager decides a candidate is disqualified for a specific position, he may use the menu within the candidate job application to select “Disqualify,” and then he’ll be prompted to enter one or more specific disqualification reasons using check boxes. Additionally, there is a “never hire” option that may be used to deem this candidate disqualified for all job applications. This is useful, especially, for previous employees who reapply but who are not eligible for rehire.

ExactHire Applicant Disqualify
ExactHire Applicant Disqualification Reasons

When a candidate is marked disqualified for a specific position, his name will appear with strikethrough text.

ExactHire | Reinstate Disqualified Job Candidate

When a candidate is marked as “never hire,” her name will appear in red, strikethrough text.

ExactHire Never Hire Candidate

Employers are able to run custom reports that include disqualification reasons as well.

ExactHire Candidate Disqualification Report

Customized reporting and insights

The ExactHire reporting interface keeps getting better and better with distinct functions to manage report version, actions, filters and insights!

ExactHire Report Builder Interface

It’s easy to create new reports and pull additional insights into the reporting table.

ExactHire Customize Reporting Insights

Affirmative Action Plan reporting

The new ExactHire now includes a standard report to support your Affirmative Action Plan requirements and assist your organization with its applicant flow log.

ExactHire Affirmative Action Plan Report

Application setup updates

Customize standard multiple choice question answers

Our extensive job application question library makes it easy to quickly select proven questions that will aid you in screening and selecting the best job candidates.

We recently added more functionality that allows you to choose a standard library question and then customize it in the following ways:

  • Choose which of the question’s multiple choice answers will be presented to the candidate.
  • Choose which multiple choice answers, if selected, will disqualify the candidate automatically.

By standardizing commonly-used application questions and making them available in our vast library, ExactHire is harnessing increasingly powerful data that can be used to provide benchmarks and data insights across our client base.

ExactHire Application Template Question Answers

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