Red Rover, Red Rover HR Challenges

Red Rover, Red Rover, Send An HR Challenge Right Over!

HR professionals face new and unique challenges everyday. As an HR technology company, ExactHire seeks to assist organizations in meeting these HR challenges. We do this through providing hiring technology that supports a paperless HR environment, but also by providing exceptional client support and advocacy that goes beyond troubleshooting. Recently, I had the opportunity to describe how our organization accomplishes this.

We had been on the hunt to select an additional team member for our organization. During the interview process, one of the candidates asked the following question:

“Being a smaller organization, I assume everyone must wear many, different hats; can you help me understand how that works within your organization?”

What a wonderful question regarding organizational structure and cultural fit!

A Culture of Collaboration– Meeting HR Challenges

In answering her question, I likened our culture of collaboration to a game of Red Rover. If you’re not sure what Red Rover is, you can check out the rules here. The game can basically be boiled down to one objective: do not allow your line to break.

As a child playing Red Rover, I saw that the teams whose members locked hands and stood firmly in position could not keep the line from breaking when challenged. The teams who knew to bend and absorb the impact did much better at resisting a break in the line.  In other words, the teams that worked together and were willing to be flexible in their positions usually had more success.

At ExactHire, we all have our specific positions and roles to play. But when a challenge comes speeding our way, we know that we must bend and shift to hold the line. We’ve worked together across positions, at times outside of roles, to complete special projects like helping clients become BanTheBox compliant or developing a system to help clients access previously submitted Help Tickets.

Everyone faces a challenge that may push them backwards at some point. But if teammates can be flexible and help one another bounce back, the team will successfully meet the challenge and hold the line. This is how ExactHire works. Everyone is cross-trained in more than one position. We are flexible. And most importantly, we are all dedicated to being a team and holding the line for our clients–the real winners of this “Red Rover” mindset.

Image credit: Police Kids Ministry by Michael Sarver (contact)

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