Q&A: ExactHire Software Serves the SMB Space

ExactHire Partner, Jeff Hallam, was recently featured on an episode of the Zipline, in order to talk about what makes our software applications different, and why we are especially positioned to serve the small- to medium-sized business segment. Check out answers to the following questions in the video above:

  • What does ExactHire do?
  • How are companies using ExactHire’s technology to improve talent management?
  • How are SMB users utilizing our branded career portals to create a pipeline for talent?
  • In what ways do we compete against other companies in our space?
  • What is our approach to the implementation stage and how do we promote user adoption?
  • How do we share best practices with clients?
  • Where do we see the hiring software industry going?
  • What’s one final tidbit about ExactHire that we want to tell people?

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