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Payment Term Options for ATS and Onboarding Software

At least once a week, when dealing with clients, especially the new ones, I am asked about the payment and billing options available when purchasing hiring software solutions from ExactHire. So, in this blog I thought I’d give you a quick run-down so you will know how you may pay for applicant tracking and employee onboarding software.

ExactHire Billing

We do all our billing via email, this is to make the whole process streamlined for both the client and us. Not to mention, this reduces waste and cost. Emailed invoices normally will arrive to our clients a few days before the actual invoice date. All invoices state the type of service (ATS, onboarding or employee assessments) rendered, as well as whether the statement is for ongoing access fees or set up fees for new clients. I try to be very specific on each client’s account so they know the exact reason for the invoice (i.e. date range, etc.).

Hiring Software Payment Options

Payment options vary depending on the billing frequency the client chooses at the time of implementation. We offer monthly, semi-annual and annual billing (and in some cases, quarterly billing may be an option, as well). For all our monthly clients, we require an ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment. This makes things super easy for all involved. At the start of the service, the client provides us bank information (account and routing numbers) so that we may initiate an automatic payment on their behalf each month when their invoice is due. When their invoice is emailed to them, it already shows that it has been paid by ACH transaction.

We do accept checks, as well, but only for client accounts that have elected semi-annual or annual billing. This is done to keep our account receivables moving smoothly so we can keep costs down for all. Lastly, we accept credit cards, as well. It does not matter the frequency of billing for the credit card payment customers. We accept Visa, Mastercard and AMEX.

Hopefully this helps to answer any billing and payment-related questions. Oh, and don’t forget to thank your organization’s own bean counter(s) today…we can be an under-appreciated population!

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