Interns Can Help

Need Good Help? Turn to Interns

When employers think of adding qualified candidates to their company’s talent pool, quite often, they overlook a specific population of energetic, intelligent and motivated individuals. What is this group of untapped human capital you ask? INTERNS!

Yes, I said interns. It is possible that an HR manager might envision an intern as a college student who aimlessly looks for the next task, eventually becoming a meager job shadow grasping for direction from an existing employee. Of course, anything is possible, but cast that vision aside. Interns can tremendously benefit an organization, and here is how:

Interns Bring Energy

Interns bring an intensity of excitement to the workplace. Quite often, that new excitement and curiosity can ignite a rejuvenating spark into existing employees who may have become complacent. Interns want to learn because what they learn is going to advance their career. Interns are also savvy; they know professional connections and positive references will pay off upon graduation.

Interns Spark Creativity

Interns can bring eye-opening ideas that–even when they do not materialize–can morph into cost-effective changes for a project, team, or the company as a whole. Interns are not shackled to the “Because We Have Always Done It That Way” mindset to which many organizations fall victim.

Interns Can Lead

Interns are not “GO-FORs”. They are capable of much more than delivering coffee or ordering the team’s lunch. They can assume some of the responsibilities from other employees, which then allows those employees to do more. Interns have learned the theories of their career field in the classroom and applied the required skills through hands-on applications–especially in STEM fields. Given the chance, many interns can effectively coordinate and implement basic and intermediate level projects from start to finish.

Interns Are Techy

Think of the technology skills that interns can bring to an organization. Need a blogger or someone to oversee your social media platform? A college intern is the prime candidate. They have grown up with and adapted to rapid changes and expansions in technology. This is an area, especially, where they will bring knowledge to the organization.

Interns Can Be The Future

Hosting an intern is an opportunity to determine if the individual is a good fit for a permanent role within the organization. Interns learn the organization’s culture and the different responsibilities of those around them, while honing their skills and acquiring new ones. A high-performing intern may be the ideal hire for an organization. And if the organization or intern sees that it is not a good fit, the internship ends, and both parties go their separate ways.

Hire Interns With ExactHire ATS

Start creating an applicant pool of qualified interns by simply having conversations with Career Services departments at local colleges. Let the colleges know which majors, technical skills, and soft skills you are seeking so that they can refer students to your branded ExactHire site.

By using ExactHire ATS, you can create an applicant pool of potential candidates for your internship positions and fill your permanent roles with past interns upon their graduation. One of the many perks of ExactHire is that you can create multiple employment application types, so if you want to create an application specifically for your intern recruitment, just let the ExactHire Support Team know. They can create additional applications tailored to your preferences.


Don’t miss out on talent that could help simplify your life and help your organization achieve its goals. Take a look at moldable talent, take a look at interns. To find out how ExactHire can enhance your hiring process, contact us today!

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