5 questions to answer at HR Indiana 2018

Looking for Answers at HR Indiana 2018

One of the largest regional human resources conferences in the U.S. is less than a week away. The 2018 HR Indiana Conference runs from August 20 to August 22 and will feature 88 speakers presenting to over 1500 attendees. This wildly popular 3-day event is jam-packed with opportunities to learn, network, and be inspired–not to mention it’s a lot of fun!

Once again, the ExactHire team will be attending the sessions while also hosting a booth in the exhibit hall (booth #404 woot-woot!). We’re looking forward to speaking with attendees about the current HR solutions we offer, as well as share a sneak peek of our brand new platform that is currently under development. Very exciting!

But perhaps even more exciting for us; we will have two team members fly in for the event! Chantel and Darythe are both members of our client services team who work from Utah and Germany, respectively. They are looking forward to spending some time with our team and getting some face time with our current clients as well. If you’re an ExactHire client and attending the conference, please drop by booth #404 to see them!

5 Questions to Answer at HR Indiana 2018

As mentioned, the agenda for HR Indiana is quite full. There are so many great speaker sessions that it’s a challenge to choose which ones to attend. So I’ve selected five speakers based on five questions I hope to have answered at HR Indiana 2018.


1. How can employers improve pay equity and communicate it to employees while avoiding complete pay-transparency?  

Cassandra Faurote, President of Total Reward Solutions, will present Pay Equality: Time To Fix It! on Tuesday at 10:15 AM. She will help attendees learn how their organizations can get pay equity right. Topics will include: current pay equity legislation, pay equity’s effect on business, how employers can determine if they have pay equity issues, and solutions for fixing pay equity issues.



2. How can organizations overcome the deep-seated beliefs of employees to transform work culture?

Bert and John Jacobs, co-founders of The Life is Good Company, will present Optimism Can Take You Anywhere on Tuesday at 8:30 AM. Together, they will explain how employees can discover their own sense of optimism and find a deeper meaning in the work they do.  Topics will include: lessons on gratitude, openness and compassion, and how simple mindset shifts can transform company culture.


3. How can an organization in a “high-stress” industry ensure that its employees are happy and engaged with their work?

Jenn Lim, CEO and CHO (Chief Happiness Officer) of Delivering Happiness, will present Delivering Happiness on Wednesday at 12:00 PM.  She will discuss how research has shown that happiness increases every positive business outcome. Topics will include: happiness as a business model, values-based company culture and brand, employee engagement, and how organizations can “wow” their employees and customers.



4. How can managers encourage idea sharing among employees in a way that impacts business outcomes?

Stefanie Krievins, Founder and Coach with The Problem Solvers School, will present Fuel Your Troublemakers to Contribute to the Culture on Wednesday at 7:00 AM. She will help attendees learn how to support employees in re-framing good intentions, ownership, and desire to make a difference. The presentation will include practical processes for developing change-makers and influencers that contribute to the growth of an organization.


5.  What are the benefits of developing a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program?

Nancy Ahlrichs, Chief Talent Officer, The United Way of Central Indiana, will moderate a discussion on How to Build Employee Engagement Through CSR on Monday at 2:25 PM. This session will give members of the audience and a panel of experts the opportunity to discuss the ways in which employee engagement and retention can benefit from a well-designed CSR program.


Getting Answers

While I may not get the opportunity to directly ask these questions of each speaker, I’m sure that I can gain enough insight from their presentations to work toward answers. I’m also looking forward to learning from other HR professionals who are in attendance. The sheer amount of knowledge and experience that will be present next week is an exciting thing to think about. And I know that the ExactHire team is ready to learn and contribute as well. We can’t wait to join the best in HR “under the big top!”


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