Lessons learned from the solar eclipse

Lessons Learned from Eclipse Day

It’s a big day–Eclipse Day!  

If you were lucky enough to score legit eclipse glasses to view this celestial event, congrats!  By the time you read this blog, the big event will be over, and we will be back to everyday life as we previously knew it.  Not only did eclipse glasses make cardboard eyewear fashionable, it gave us a chance to block out the surroundings around us and focus on one main item–the eclipse itself. As refreshing as it may be to focus solely on one item, we may not always be able to do that in our professional lives.

When it comes to implementing a new project, such as an ATS or employee onboarding platform, we need to remind ourselves to take off our innate version of eclipse glasses and prep for implementation just as we prepped to watch the eclipse. Sometimes it can be easy to get fixated on one particular item and lose awareness of the whole picture when implementing a new software tool with dazzling features. Software implementation may seem like a daunting feat, but if we prepare for it, it will be a magical experience in many facets.

Preparing for an Eclipse…or Software Implementation

USA Today provided us with great tips to prepare for the eclipse, and those same ideas correlate well for software implementation.  

  • Decide where you want to be. Location and timing were key in acquiring the best view of the eclipse.  When it comes to software implementation, ask yourself, “Where do I and my team need to be and when is our target date to be actively using our software?”  Setting these internal expectations for you and your team will help you meet your goals.
  • Stock up early. Many individuals were not prepared with having eclipse glasses in time to view the event. Some who traveled did not expect the delays regarding food and travel time. When it comes to software implementation, allow yourself adequate time to
    • Submit necessary online forms which detail your software preferences.
    • Perform testing on your software platform to ensure it collects the info you need.
    • Complete training on your site to familiarize yourself with its features.
    • Finalize any details prior to going live.

Why add undue stress to yourself? Pace yourself with weekly goals to help you from pulling from your limited “stock” of time.

  • Don’t bother with a telescope. Using a telescope to view the eclipse would have caused many to miss the grandeur of the event and could possibly have been damaging to eyes if proper care was not completed. As with implementation, sometimes we look at tasks with a telescope and focus too much on individual items. All little items make the big project, and little items are valuable; however, focusing too closely on particular items within implementation may result in missing the whole picture of software functionality.
  • Do your homework. As with the eclipse, learning about the big event helped us appreciate the magnificent details of how it came to be. With software implementation, doing some internal research regarding your needs will help you create the software platform that will best meet your daily employment functions.
  • Plan a party. A rare celestial event is definitely a call for festivities, but so can your software implementation as well.  If you and your team are trying to decide on your preferences to build your ATS or onboarding platform(s), make it a team social event where you can work together with breakfast or lunch. If funding exists within your company, see if you can get delivery or catered food.  Make it a time for team togetherness.

Just like the eclipse, with a little planning and keeping these five goals in mind, your software implementation will be a stellar event too.  The members of the ExactHire team are here to help you through each step of the software implementation path.  Questions about our products or implementation?  Please email us at support@exacthire.com.

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