launch your job search like space shuttle!

Launching Your Dream Job Search

To land your dream job, you must first launch a smart, extensive job search for an opportunity that fits your qualifications and desires.

Job seekers can choose to launch their job hunt from a seemingly endless number of channels in today’s era of technology-driven recruiting. With all of these options, a job search can easily become overwhelming, time-consuming, and–if your efforts do not result in success–disheartening. But don’t lose heart!

Your Dream Job Search

Many job seekers have asked me for advice on where to look for employment online. Today’s hiring managers use LinkedIn, job boards, social media, and career fairs to look for talent. However, the best place to start a job search will vary greatly depending on the type of job being hunted. So to begin, search for job boards that are specific to your industry, location, and career level. For example, if you are looking for a part-time job in retail you should look at the local mall’s website and not

Regardless of the job board on which you are searching, it is essential that once there, you keep your search filters open as much as possible. If you do not leave room in your search parameters, then you will yield smaller results and limit your chances at finding the right job. You can experiment with the results you yield from different filter combinations in order to reach a happy medium for your search. Below is an example of a wide-open search (left) and a strict search (right).


open job search

Know Your Strengths

Also, before starting your search, identify your personal strengths in the job market. If you have any of the following things working for you, be sure to use them to your advantage:

  • Specialty training in widely used systems (Windows, Salesforce, etc.)
  • Specialized degree (such as a registered nursing degree)
  • A vast social network
  • Highly regarded work experience.

Applying for Your Dream Job

The next step to snagging your dream job is to..well…apply.

Take the time to develop an accurate and appropriate resume and cover-letter application. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are unacceptable, so have a few friends double-check your work. For time periods when you were out of work for more than a month, explain in a short, simple, and honest way.

On the heels of submitting a stellar resume, make sure you also invest time in completing the application thoroughly. Some applications are longer than others and require various steps–it’s just the way it works. But if you spend 30 minutes completing an application that answers the employer’s questions in complete sentences, you will likely be ahead of the competition–who quickly responded to the same questions with only two-word answers.

However, if by chance you don’t have time to complete all the steps in the application, be sure to save your work and revisit it later. Do not submit an incomplete or rushed application. Most applicant tracking systems will not allow you to change your work after submitting an application, so if you are not done yet, save it…without submitting it.

Face-to-Face With Your Dream Job

Once you get that interview, don’t waste your chance. Prepare by researching the company history and industry. To ease your nerves, do a mock-interview and practice answering the tough question that you anticipate. Dress to impress! Even if this new opportunity would require a dress-code of nothing more than a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on a daily basis, wear business clothing. This extra effort shows your potential employer that you take the opportunity seriously.

Finally, ensure that your interest in this dream job isn’t overlooked by simply sending thank you notes. Although handwritten notes are preferred, it is also acceptable to send an email to everyone you met or spoke with during the interview process.

Good luck!

Image credit: Shuttle Launch by Austin (contact)

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