How to Implement a Paperless Recruiting System

Paperless recruiting has many advantages and it can be easy to get started. Most of you who have come across this blog were on a hunt for those specific advantages. For human resources and corporate recruiting personnel, implementing a paperless recruiting system might have such an impact that you could swap your filing cabinet – the one you have dedicated to resumes and possible future hires – for a chair with flair or a decorative floor lamp! That is the most obvious advantage of paperless recruiting – LESS PAPER!

The Hows of Paperless Recruiting & Hiring

Before we get into my list of advantages, I am going to dial it back and tell you HOW you would embark on creating a paperless recruiting process. Companies often use what is called an ATS, which is an acronym for Applicant Tracking Software (or System). The majority of companies will purchase a software application that offers customization of some features rather than having an in-house developer create a customized ATS. There are two main reasons for this.

  • Time – The opportunity cost of your in-house developer’s time spent developing your own custom application is more expensive then money spent on external products that are already available.
  • Limit Liability – Off the shelf ATS solutions have security features researched and already implemented.

An ATS can be installed on your computer or, more commonly, be web- or internet-based. Web-based software is considered to be “software as a service” or SaaS because the software and data are hosted “in the cloud” and accessible to you anywhere you have an internet connection. ExactHire provides SaaS ATS. Our applicant tracking system allows you to have a customized online application – all you have to do is redirect site visitors to your ATS careers portal from your company website – usually via a “Jobs,” “Employment” or “Careers” link – this link redirect should only take your IT department or webmaster seconds to set up.

The Paperless Recruiting Advantage List

Now that you understand the basics of HOW you would begin the paperless hiring process, here are the advantages:

  • Less paper – Why keep thousands of sheets of paper? Everything can be stored online including notes, documentation, credentials, etc.
  • Never misplace again – Can’t remember where you put the folder yesterday with the applicant’s application that was supposed to go to the hiring manager? No more folders! With a click of a button, email the applicant’s information to the hiring manager… or better yet, give the hiring manager restricted access to the applicant’s application within the ATS.
  • Trackable – Did you send the applicant the interview request email? Did the hiring manager look at the applicant yet? Where did I advertise this job listing? The ATS tracks all of these events and more.
  • Accessibility – The hiring manager is in a different state than corporate HR. The perfect applicant works during your hours of operation and cannot stop by to apply. You travel frequently. Your company has many locations. All of these statements are common. A web-based applicant tracking system is accessible 24/7 and from any place you have an internet connection.
  • Reporting – How daunting is compliance reporting each year? Do you have quarterly reporting you must show Accounting or your Supervisor? Have no fear! With a few clicks of a button, the majority of your compliance reporting can be downloaded out of the system and ready for use. The more specific quarterly reporting can be pulled using our ad-hoc custom report building feature.

Please do not just wonder about paperless recruiting while you are wandering cyberspace any longer – message us here at ExactHire with your question, and we will be happy to let you know if an ATS can help your company with your talent acquisition-related tasks!

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