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How to Push Jobs from HireCentric Applicant Tracking System to LinkedIn Jobs

If you’re seeking white collar talent, then the business professional social media networking site, LinkedIn, is a good place to source potential candidates. If you wish to take your recruiting efforts beyond personal connections with LinkedIn contacts, then you may consider pushing job listings from your HireCentric applicant tracking system to LinkedIn Jobs using our post to external job boards feature.

If you plan to do a great deal of posting on LinkedIn, then it probably makes sense to establish a relationship with LinkedIn and pre-purchase job postings in bulk. However, if you’re just starting out with pushing jobs to LinkedIn and/or your hiring volume doesn’t support pre-purchasing in bulk, then you can buy one-off LinkedIn job postings directly from ExactHire within your HireCentric applicant tracking software portal.

Here’s how it works:

  • Navigate to the Jobs Dashboard of HireCentric, and then select the “Job Board Favs” tab.

Push Jobs to LinkedIn | HireCentric

  • From here, you can select the “Suggest a Job Board” button and then do a search for LinkedIn-related posting opportunities.

LinkedIn Job Postings | ExactHire Applicants

  • If you have an existing sales representative with LinkedIn, then you can use the “Account” method and enter your login credentials to connect the use of your existing job credits with LinkedIn with the ability to automatically push job postings from HireCentric.
  • If you wish to purchase one-off slots for LinkedIn Jobs from within HireCentric applicant tracking software, then you may utilize the “Billing” method and pay for your posting using a PayPal account. You can find more details about billing methods for Job Board Favorites on this tip sheet.
  • The one-off job price you pay to ExactHire is the same price you’d pay LinkedIn directly for a single job posting. However, by posting through ExactHire’s portal, you save the time and hassle of having to manually post your job listing directly with LinkedIn outside of the applicant tracking system.
  • Moreover, you can post your job listing to any geographic market in the United States. In fact, as of January 2017 ExactHire now offers the ability for you to purchase LinkedIn job postings in the New York City and San Francisco markets which were previously unavailable through HireCentric.

Need Help with HireCentric and LinkedIn Jobs?

If you’d like assistance with using the HireCentric applicant tracking system to purchase single LinkedIn job postings, please contact the ExactHire Client Services Team at support@exacthire.com. We’re happy to help!

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