Wearable technology integrated with hiring software

Hiring Software at the Speed of Thought

A few years ago, I read a book called “Feed” by M.T. Anderson.  Set at some undetermined point in the future, the story follows a group of teenagers who take a trip over school break.  The trip just happens to be to the moon (common at that point in the future).  While the setting is interesting, it’s the feed–as in news feed–in the story that is most intriguing.

Central to the story is how corporations (especially retailers) interact with consumers (especially teenagers).  Each person is connected to a feed that basically runs in their head constantly.  Based on where they are, what they see, what interests them, etc. — the feed continually suggests news and products that they can consume.  Likewise, much of what they may consume is available instantly and is paid for immediately from their bank account.

When I first read this, it was well before Google or Amazon had the presence they do today.  For many of us, much of what’s listed above has already played out — sometimes more than we might like!

Fashionable Hiring Software?

Now, with wearable technology beginning to come into vogue (smartwatches, Google Glass, etc.), it made me think about how this technology will enhance hiring software, and what role it could ultimately play in the hiring process for organizations.

While not imminent, it’s not hard to imagine a point in the not-too-distant future where companies can target potential applicants with their job listings via some form of electronic intelligence or feed.  Or, as you read news in whatever fashion it might take at that point, companies may be able to advertise open jobs by targeting readers who are in similar industries or who have similar types of jobs currently.

Likewise, for applicants, the job application process experience may become incredibly simple.  Resumes will likely be gone, replaced by a single applicant profile that may be shared with any potential employer just by consciously walking through the thought process that you’d like to work there.  Who knows how hiring software–like our applicant tracking software–will have changed by then?  Will we even use laptops?  Or, will recruiters and hiring managers be able to manage processes like these with some type of wearable technology that may be “viewed” without a screen anytime?

Technology continues to evolve and shape the world in which we live.  For those of us working in the hiring software space, the next few years will surely continue to bring exciting new developments for us and our clients.


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