HireCentric ATS Integrates Onboarding Software

HireCentric ATS Integrates With Onboarding Central Software

Are you currently using our HireCentric applicant tracking software and Onboarding Central employee onboarding software? If so, please take note that we can integrate the two products.

Once enabled, when you have decided which applicant within your HireCentric ATS portal you would like to hire, you may click through to the Integrations tab on the applicant’s application and click “Initiate” to send the data to Onboarding Central.
HireCentric to Onboarding Central integration
The next screen that appears will allow you to select to which division within Onboarding Central you would like to assign the new employee. The function of a division within Onboarding Central is different than the function within HireCentric, potentially resulting in different lists and the need to select a division. Onboarding Central divisions are typically determined based on what paperwork is needed for a certain group of employees.

The new employee will then receive an email as if you had set him/her up within Onboarding Central, directly.
Send applicant to Onboarding Central
If you are interested in this integration, please email support@exacthire.com and ExactHire Client Services will make this feature available to you. The best part? There is no charge for this feature to be turned on!

Interest in Employee Onboarding Software

What’s that? You say you do not yet use our Onboarding Central software? If you are interested in learning more about onboarding software, please contact us to schedule a live demo.

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