Free Image Hosting Sites Guide

Guide to Free Image Hosting Sites

Technology has improved business in many ways. Logistics has mastered just-in-time delivery of supplies and products, Quickbooks has made accounting quicker, industry-specific tools and machines have streamlined many processes, and the internet has changed the way businesses interact with clients and employees. Similarly, image hosting sites have helped to proliferate the distribution of images across numerous channels. No long is a picture worth a thousand words, but rather easy, instant access to thousands of pictures are perhaps worth millions of words.

Many companies find it helpful to use an image hosting site to add visually appealing aspects to their websites and job listings. Many of our clients use icons and images to spruce up their branded job portals and we are often asked how to host images.

Free image hosting comes with a slew of rules and regulations. It is imperative that your company review the terms and conditions of any site you choose before developing the permalinks you are going to use on your website or blog. Some sites require that you own the rights to the images uploaded or are the photographer. Many sites also share your images, so it may not be advisable to upload top secret developments (in case you have any, that is).

Popular sites for sharing images like Dropbox and Shutterfly do not offer image hosting, but do allow you to send a ton of vacation photos to your parents privately. Although we do not necessarily recommend any specific service, here a few free ones that we like and why.

Imgur: the simple image sharer

This site in a no-limits website that advertises itself as having the most viral images on the internet, sorted by popularity. And it is easy to see why once you create an account. You can easily upload, edit, and share images from this site. With a few clicks you can change the size and format of the image to your heart’s desire.
Imgur image hosting site


Tried and true, this website has been around since the early 2000s. They have kept up with the trends and demands of the users and offer a lot of features. The editing options are vast and you can also make images private and require a password to view them.
Photobucket image hosting site


Touting the idea that ‘your images have never looked better’ this site really tries to get you to sign up for the premium account. Photographers seem to flock to this site because of premium features like image stats, watermarking, direct linking, and more.



No account needed, upload as many images as you want quickly and easily share on social media or embed into your blog. This site gets an A+ for simplicity, just make sure your image looks the way you want it before uploading because editing is not an option.

ImageHosting image hosting site


Free service and very basic. No account required and user-friendly for that quick upload to host an image for your blog.

Offering quick easy uploads with a feature to keep your images private, this no-account-needed site is fighting for a top spot. image hosting site


This site is attached to yahoo, so you have to have a Yahoo account to use Flickr. With photo sharing and image hosting, this site is almost social media itself with an integration to add your friends from Facebook, see your friends’ photo streams, and create groups. But, if you don’t agree – you can upload to real social media right from the site.


For more information about how our hiring software allows you to customize your company’s jobs page with pictures, please visit our resources section or contact us today.

Top image credit: Big Heart of Art – 1000 Visual Mashups by qthomasbower (contact)

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