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Fix Bad Customer Service, Don’t Flip Out

My daughter was on Fall Break, and that meant that she needed a friend over to keep her company. It was a regular work-from-home day for me, but when 2 adorable little girls ask you to  take them to the local trampoline park for an hour, you kind of want to give in to that request.

Being a modern mom, I hopped online and checked the facility’s availability for the afternoon. On their site, I noticed that Wifi was available. Perfect!  I could now  work while the girls jumped. So I called just to confirm the WiFi, and I received a verbal confirmation: “Yes Ma’am, we have free WiFi.” Yay! I bought the digital tickets, packed up, and we drove over.

We arrived. And with the girls jumping away, I smiled, pulled out my laptop, and set to work. Then things took a turn…No WiFi.

SaaS Overcomes Bad Customer Service

As frustrated as this made me, I wanted to be a good example to the girls. So there was no angry scene or request for a refund. I am a modern mom, and I had a smartphone with 5 different work apps already loaded. Plus, I still had a computer, which works without internet (really, it works without the internet). So the girls got their jumping in and I managed to work around the issue.

Well, this post doesn’t seem like it has much to do with ExactHire, but it does! And I could go two ways from here:

#1 Software as a Service (SaaS) made it possible for me to even run into this issue, and it also allowed me the opportunity to work from my phone and still respond to customers during this conundrum.

#2 The staff at the trampoline park is obviously sub-par. It could probably benefit from an ATS like HireCentric to hire better employees–those who don’t lie or guess at answers with customers.

*Deep Breath*

Since I have written about the amazing benefits of SaaS before, I will go with #2.

Although the trampoline park got my money and my business that day, I do not plan to return because the service there was so poor. Not only did the person on the phone lie (or perhaps didn’t know and didn’t care to check), the service at the check-in desk was bad too. The lack of customer service skills and experience was apparent and disappointing.

So how can your organization avoid this scenario?

Hire A Customer Service Culture Using ExactHire Solutions

Applicant tracking software can improve the quality of employees for any business. An ATS helps you compare applicants and their qualifications before making a hiring decision.  This ensures that you can quickly hire for the right set of skills and experience that will drive your business forward.

ExactHire’s HireCentric ATS can support the creation of a customer service culture at your organization, and we offer additional solutions to streamline your hiring process as well. From software that automates reference checking and background checking, to a system that makes onboarding paperwork a breeze to complete, ExactHire has what you need to grow.

No matter the vertical of business, you need good employees. I left a business card for the owner of the trampoline park. Maybe he’ll give us a call.  Any  business that entrusts their livelihood and success to teenage angst should also employ some form of behavioral assessment–we offer those too!

Image credit: Trampoline by Nico Aguilera (contact)

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