ProfileXT Executive Leadership Report

New Executive Leadership Report Available With PXT Assessments

For those of you that currently work with ExactHire to purchase ProfileXT assessments, there is a great new report you should know about. The Executive Leadership report will help you to continually develop and strengthen your staff members’ behaviors; therefore strengthening your company as a whole.

What is a ProfileXT Employee Assessment?

This is a type of total employee assessment that measures the whole person. Unlike some other assessments, the results from the PXT can be used both during the hiring process; as well as, during future development and succession planning activities. The comprehensive data points captured from this tool generate a clear picture of an individual’s verbal and numerical skills (including processing this type of data), as well as a variety of his/her behavioral characteristics and a mix of his/her top occupational interests. The occupational skill interest section aids an organization in understanding what captures the candidate’s interest in most work situations (i.e. being enterprising, creative, financial, mechanical, technical and/or people service-oriented).

Using the Executive Leadership Report

After an employee has completed the standard PXT assessment, this additional report can be automatically generated based on the questions previously answered by the employee. There is nothing more for the candidate to answer, but the test does cost one “meter” from the client’s portal (in addition to the meter previously expended when the candidate first took the assessment). The report will offer insight as to how to maximize one’s leadership skills; as well as, how he/she handles responsibility. This will also suggest how one’s score on different behavioral trait scales may lead to advantages or challenges in different leadership roles. The behavioral traits assessed are Energy Level, Assertiveness, Sociability, Manageability, Attitude, Decisiveness, Accommodating, Independence and Objective Judgment. For each of these scales, the person’s strengths and challenges will be listed within the report. A wealth of leadership-specific information, this report can be used to develop individual plans for each person to focus on his/her own style of leadership and development in the organization.

Six Components of Leadership Success

The next part of the Executive Leadership Report talks about these six components:

  • Innovating Strategic Initiatives
  • Maximizing Resources
  • Utilizing Organizational Synergies
  • Producing Quality Results
  • Mentoring Others
  • Maintaining High Personal Standards

A short narrative is provided for these different components and this section describes how the individual will respond in various business situations. The report presents a conclusion which includes questions to ask yourself about how the employee’s results, and factors in your own organization, will impact how the individual can best exercise his/her influence in a leadership role. The information and analysis available in this new report can help you create, nurture and maintain a stronger team of leaders within your company. Click here to download a sample of the Executive Leadership Report.

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