Customizable Interview Form ExactHire ATS

ExactHire ATS Customizable Interview Form

Do you often have multiple interview steps for many different positions? If so, there is a feature available in ExactHire’s applicant tracking software that may pique your interest–the ability to create a customized interview form, or HR survey, to record as many sets of interview notes for as many different interviews (and/or interviewers) for as many different positions as you want…and date stamp them. Whew.

If you are currently documenting interview notes in either email correspondence with hiring managers or the notes area of an applicant’s record, this feature might be worth a look if you are a high volume interviewer. For additional details, check out our tip sheet on the topic, and then let the ExactHire Client Services team know if you’d like this customizable interview form feature enabled in your HireCentric applicant tracking system portal.

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