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Empower Employees to Make Social Media Referrals and Expand Your Applicant Pool

Unless you literally live under a rock (even then you might have wireless web access), you’re no doubt aware of the proliferation of social media in our society. So, are you truly capitalizing on social media as a means to exponentially expand your applicant pool? Let’s really understand how powerful social is proving to be in today’s recruiting landscape. Consider the following (as of summer 2015):

We all know social media is the core hub of communication for the vast majority of people. The numbers below from a Pew Internet poll in November of 2014 illustrate the percentage of internet users (by age band) who utilize social media:

  • 89% of those aged 18-29
  • 82% of those aged 30-49
  • 65% of those aged 50-64

The Social Media Effect

As social continues to become more and more a part of our lives, how will this impact employers and their job seekers? Quite a bit, it appears. Below are some revealing trend predictions and statistics from PayScale about the role social is playing in the recruiting and hiring process for organizations and applicants:

  • It was expected that over 80% of job openings in 2012 would use social media for promotion and/or sourcing–that number has ballooned to 97% in 2014.
  • The top 3 reasons for leveraging social by organizations surveyed were:
    • Recruit applicants who may not have otherwise applied with the firm
    • Save money
    • Increase brand recognition
  • Candidates referred through social media were cited as the 4th best in terms of quality — behind only internal transfers, referrals and those routed from a company’s homepage

Sharing Jobs Socially Via the ATS

Here at ExactHire, we’ve been stressing the use of social media through our applicant tracking system offering for the past 4+ years. Our solution allows clients and their current employees to share their openings through most any social tool available. In turn, applicants may choose to “follow” or “like” our clients’ job listings so that when the time is right or the opening is right, there’s a much better likelihood that they’ll connect.

With metrics available within our applicant tracking software, you may readily measure ROI for different sources of candidates. It is much easier to approach your leadership team about advancing different initiatives in this arena when you can speak their language.

If you’re not looking for ways to use the power of social in your hiring process, you may quickly find yourself outside looking in for the best talent. To learn more about how ExactHire can help you take advantage of these opportunities, please contact us.

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