Employee Onboarding Software Credentialing Process

Employee Onboarding Software Credentialing Process

Here at ExactHire, we do our best to ensure the integrity and validity of our systems to provide quality software for our clients. When you hire new employees and add them to your OnboardCentric application, you might wonder about the employee onboarding software credentialing process used to verify their identity. Below we have listed the various ways that we provide you with peace of mind.

  • Email with private link to activate account
  • New hire then creates his own password for ongoing use
  • Each time the new hire opts to access the portal, he is required to input his username and password
  • In order to provide information for the forms and/or view/sign completed forms, the new hire is required to access the portal.  In turn, he is prompted for his username and password to electronically sign.
  • Each time an item is acknowledged or signed, the following information is gathered and held for that transaction:
    • Date
    • Time
    • IP address
    • Name entered in the signature area

In short, the only way someone other than the new hire could access or sign his forms would be if that other person were given access to that new hire’s username and password.

For more information about what makes an electronic signature legitimate, check out our Q&A video on the subject: How to Make Sure an Electronic Signature is Valid.

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