back to school lessons for HR software implementation

Back-To-School Lessons For Software Implementation

Here in Central Indiana it finally feels like summer has started– it is hot and humid. But for many, summer is quickly coming to an end. School starts next week, and there is plenty to do in preparation.

This year, I thought about how gearing up for the school year is similar to HR software implementation in a business environment. They can both be overwhelming and stressful, but with a good plan of attack they don’t have to be that way.

Back-To-School – A Self-Guided Exercise

The sheer amount of “Back-to-School” things that need to be addressed can seem endless. I organize all the to-do’s myself and take it one step at a time for each child and their respective school. A typical “Back-to-School” list would look something like this:

  • Make sure the enrollment forms are all in.
  • Include those vaccination records from the doctors
  • Submit the 23 versions of Emergency Contact forms.
  • Buy school supplies–those on the long list and little extras like locker mirrors.
  • Purchase new school clothes–why can’t they all have uniforms?
  • Plan after-school care and busing schedules.
  • Calendar parent-teacher nights and PTO meetings.

And that is just a short list! As you can imagine, preparing for a new school year is mostly a self-guided exercise. Yes, you are given all the resources to succeed, but it is up to you to plan, organize, implement.

Luckily, with software, there are guides to support your company on its path to successful implementation.

ExactHire HR Software Implementation – Guided Practice

An HR software implementation guide, or plan, allows for you to focus on setup and implementation tasks as they become necessary. This ensures that your implementation is as efficient as possible. However, many times, organizations’ attempts at implementation are bogged down when various co-workers take vacations or address other important projects and deadlines. Does this mean that implementation must be put on hold ?

I can’t speak for all the HR Software companies out there, but here at ExactHire we know you have a lot going on at work. And we work with you to provide a schedule that is manageable and flexible. We want to ensure that you only bite off as much as you can chew–and no more.

Orientation and Guidance

While most organizations are excited to quickly get moving on new software platforms, there is a lot of setup work to do. We guide you in with “kid-gloves”. Our proven system allows you to focus on tasks that require your immediate attention, while giving you time to get acquainted with the new platform. This is all done in a way that allows you to fully process the information and make corrections to your system before going live.

Of course, some might not want new software in their life, and we get that perspective too. Are they scared of change? Maybe. Think about the first day of high school…I bet that feels rather similar to adopting new software. They might wonder what will happen in a new environment.

“Will I like it? Will it be easy? Will I have help?”

With ExactHire the answer is ‘yes’ to all of those concerns. We are the “Freshman Orientation” for HR software implementation and the “Guidance Center” for ongoing support. Our team will guide you through the various items needed to setup your system, and we are here to answer your questions and concerns as they arise in a timely and friendly manner.

So enjoy the last days of your summer break, and rest easy knowing that a change in seasons (or software) will be better than you can imagine if you have a good plan of attack.

ExactHire provides Human Resource technology to help HR professionals recruit, hire, and retain top talent for their organizations. To learn how your organization can create efficiencies with our solutions, contact us today!

Feature Image Credit: 244.365 – September 1, 2010 by Thor(contact)

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