ATS Is A Bargain

We have all heard of extreme couponing…and I’ll just admit it, I LOVE a bargain! Now before you get too excited, ExactHire is not having a sale, but we have an ATS bargain to offer! If you are responsible for human resources and/or talent acquisition in your company, and have many positions to fill, are you aware of the many cost-effective benefits of an applicant tracking system?

Quick Review of Applicant Tracking Systems

An ATS is a software application used by companies to post jobs, track applicants and manage resumes received. Companies maintain their own branded web portal of job postings and applicant information. This information can then be accessed for future use – to correspond with applicants, generate reports to review hiring metrics, or to review past job postings.

The Pros of This Hiring Software

  • Efficient – When using applicant tracking software, jobs posted can go to numerous external job boards to reach the optimal amount of potential applicants. All the information is saved in one place, instead of keeping stacks and stacks of resumes on file in your office. (No more spending hours reviewing resumes that come in via email or even snail-mail!)
  • Effective – Recruiters can use screening questions to flag those candidates that do not have the experience required of the job, thus narrowing down their targeted view to only applicants who are qualified. Reviewing this smaller group of potential employees saves time and money for the company. It also offers a better opportunity to find a candidate that will be the best fit for the job and the organization (especially when paired with an employee assessment that identifies applicant cognitive and behavioral traits).
  • Consistent – This software application will create consistent job postings, in format and style… showing candidates that the company is professional, wants to attract the best talent and that they take hiring seriously. Maintaining a positive recruitment brand is beneficial to all organizations.
  • Compliant – Though less obvious by some circumstances, it is very important to all companies to demonstrate the use of fair hiring practices (to prevent discrimination based on race, gender, religion, age, etc.). Applicant tracking software has tracking and reporting capabilities that make staying compliant with federal and state hiring laws an easy feat.

As you can tell, by using an applicant tracking system, you may streamline your hiring process and avoid countless hours of shifting through resumes from unqualified candidates. If you had to do this for each posting, you might require another full time recruiter to help with the volume of resumes alone! Also with an ATS, you will be able to reach a larger audience of applicants with the capability to push to external job boards and social networks. After all, you cannot put a dollar amount on your time or energy, especially when you will be assisting your organization with the acquisition of new talent…sounds like a bargain to me!

If you are interested in learning more about applicant tracking software from ExactHire, please visit our resources page or contact us.

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