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Applicant Experience: Is Your Career Page Pulling Its Weight?

For many potential candidates, seeing your company’s website is their first impression of your organization, and it’s important to make it a good one! After a candidate reviews other pages on the site, you know they will end up on your “career” page. It’s imperative that they be happy with what they see, because if they are impressed by the “career” page then they will be interested in working for you.

Here are a few tips to make sure you “career” page is pulling its weight:

Keep things Interesting

Make the page visually interesting to look at. Use logos or other images that attract attention without being too “busy” looking. Also, try to change around the layout or style on occasion. Videos and tip sheets could be used to make more of an interactive experience for the potential candidate. Remember to keep this page easy to navigate and overall appealing to the candidate. (side note: make sure the Career page is easy to find from the Homepage of the website, so that the start of the experience is positive as well)

Update Content

Keep content relevant to your company and those you are trying to recruit. Maybe you can add blogs that reference pop culture items or other specific interests depending on the type of candidate you are trying to attract. You could even use real employees stories or experiences on this section. Talk about the company culture, opinions or values that are important to your organization. Finally, provide overall information about what the hiring process is like as well as daily life at the company.

Use Applicant Tracking Software

Here is the BIG one – this is so important for candidates. Using applicant tracking software will allow you to make a wonderful first impression. Candidates will love having a concise application process, and an ATS will make it easy for a candidate to know the upcoming steps. This will make for a smooth, user-friendly applicant experience that helps a candidate to confidently proceed through your hiring process.

The value of having a strong “career” page is often overlooked. Make sure to beef up your content, make it interesting and offer an applicant friendly experience to increase your overall recruiting abilities. To learn more about our Applicant Tracking software, contact us today!


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