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My 6 Fav Features on ExactHire’s Website & Why They Matter to You

I’m pretty much euphoric to be writing this post as it is proof that our labor of website love is now bearing content-rich fruit. That is, we launched the new and improved ExactHire website in early December in order to improve the content-consumption and site navigation experiences for individuals like you. Or simply put, we’ve made it easier for you to find our website, and once you arrive, we’ve made it easier for you to find the information you seek.

And while the whole site caboodle is reason for me to jump up and down (as it was quite an undertaking), I still have my favorite areas. In this blog, I’ll show you the top six and explain why they will make your life easier when it comes to finding the latest hiring software trends and product resources.

#1 – Mobile Device Responsive Design

Perhaps one of our biggest initial motivators for making a change, a responsive theme allows our new website to automatically adjust to fit the size of whatever device is used to view it. Enjoy it on the “big screen” at the office or revel in its sharp, compact appearance on your smartphone. The mobile view even has a menu icon in the top right corner that allows you to expand and use the navigational menu. Plus, the slightly shaded upward carrot in the lower right corner propels you to the top of the page with a quick touch.

ExactHire website mobile responsive design

#2 – Multitiered Site Navigation in Header

We’re always adding new product-specific features pages to our site. However, previously it wasn’t always immediately apparent to our site visitors because they were buried in internal links within bodies of text. With the new site, simply hover your cursor over the primary navigation links and…voila! You’ll be able to dig deep into the site with ease as additional secondary and  tertiary submenus pop out to the site. Also, as you scroll down the page header and navigation menu will follow you as you go – pretty nifty.

ExactHire website multitiered site navigation

#3 – Site Search Capabilities

If you still can’t find exactly what you are seeking on our site with the navigation menus, then simply click on the magnifying glass icon on the right side of the header. It will expand to include a text box into which you may type a relevant keyword term or phrase. Click the green magnifying glass button and you will be presented with any pages on the site that include those keywords.

ExactHire website search

#4 – Resource-Rich Page Sidebars

In addition to the primary navigation available in the header of our site, many of the pages now also include a sidebar full of resource-related links. Let’s say you’ve just perused our applicant tracking system features page and are interested in learning more about specific ATS features, just check out the sidebar for cues on what content may be relevant to you next.

ExactHire website sidebar resources

#5 – Product Demos Accessible From Single Page

If you’re at the point in your hiring software product investigation that you’d like to watch one of our demo videos, then please note that you can easily do that from a single page if you are interested in more than one of our software applications. Navigate to the Resources>Product Demos page, and you’ll see a row of thumbnails representing each of our video demonstrations. Click on one and the thumbnail expands to display a more thorough explanation and allow you access to watch the video within that page. Once you’re ready for the next video, just click the little arrow icon on the top right of the preview pane to switch to the description and video of the next product. Fast and easy.

ExactHire Hiring Software Demos Preview

#6 – Blog With Engaging Images & Tag Suggestions

Gone are the days where our main blog page was a long boring list of titles without pictures. Enter our new blog area and decide which blogs are of interest to you by examining both the associated image and the text preview. Better yet, narrow down the blog results by selecting a specific category of interest from the sidebar menu.

Then, at the end of each individual blog post, take a glance at the “you might also like” section which populates with other blogs that have the same topic tag(s) as the one you just finished reading.

Or, if you just want to click through individual blog posts in the order in which they were posted, check out the nifty sideways carrot icons in the middle of each side of your screen. They pop out to preview the next blog in the list order and allow you to click through to that entry.

Engaging blog images tag suggestions

We hope you find our company website easy to navigate and enjoyable to search and read! If you have any suggestions, please share them in the comments section and/or contact us today.

Image credit: Untitled by eflon (contact)

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