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Mobile Recruitment Dashboard for Google Analytics

We’ve put together this free dashboard template for use with an existing Google Analytics account tied to your job listing site. In order to successfully utilize Google Analytics, it’s important to clarify your end objectives and specify the type of information that will help you make actionable decisions for your recruiting activities.

Want to get a jump start on analyzing your talent acquisition metrics for mobile site visitors? Our mobile recruiting metrics dashboard gets you started with the basics which can then be further customized to suit the needs of your business and recruitment process.

Our dashboard template comes complete with recruiting-relevant report templates you can use as a foundation for your own mobile recruitment dashboard customization. For best results, have your existing Google Analytics account open before you complete the resource form to download and import the dashboard template.

Here are just some of the data points available when you download our free resource:

  • conversion rate, bounce rate and average session length by device category;
  • session and conversion info segmented by channel across different device categories;
  • and, conversion rate by social network across different device categories.