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“Technology is great when it works.” Perhaps cliche now, my husband has been saying this to me for over 13 years. Although there is merit to his sarcastic take on technology, the truth is that technology has impacted life as we know it for the better. Even the critics and naysayers of technological advances have benefited from it, whether they know it or not. Technology fuels business on the backend. Computer systems, databases, and software programs house the majority of functions necessary for our daily lives to run smoothly.

Can you imagine (or remember) the hassle of managing a hiring process with folders of  paper applications and resumes for various positions? First off, they are dropped-off or mailed to you–that takes time and they may be misplaced. Assuming you receive it, you have to thumb through each one to see if any meet your desired qualifications. Then, you contact them individually to see if they are still looking for a job before writing down an interview time on your desk calendar (the kind that sits on your physical desk–not your digital calendar). And that is just the beginning!

Before desktop computers and software, you had to call references, do background checks, fill out new-hire paperwork, and file that folder full of information in alphabetical order in the proper drawer for applications.

Ahhh….those were the days.

No! Stop the nostalgia. Those days were awful. These are the days!

Software systems help streamline the hiring process and many, many others. This reduces work and the duplication of tasks. And that makes employees happy!

Today’s hiring managers can post a job on the wonderful world-wide web and wait for applicants to accumulate in their Applicant Tracking System. From that point–with the click of a button–the manager can easily reach out to all applicants and advise them as to whether they are moving forward in the process or not. At the same time, the manager can send emails with additional links and instructions for those who are moving forward.

Applicants can complete background checks, predictive indexes, assessments, and reference checks in a completely digital environment. And then- almost magically- the information is sent to the hiring manager to make a decision. An offer can even be sent electronically to the luckily applicant!

Even more impressive, once the position has been accepted, the hiring manager can have the new employee complete all the daunting onboarding paperwork before they even arrive for their first day of work. Onboarding software allows payroll, benefits, I-9, W-4, and any other necessary paperwork to be completed electronically and sent directly to the Human Resources department.

Compared to the days before desktop computers, the internet, and process automation– when an HR professional’s day was full of  mundane tasks and long hiring processes–today’s hiring process can be lightning fast and of the highest quality. Now HR professionals can maintain hiring processes for multiple positions at the same time across different departments, and they do it in a fraction of the time compared to earlier years. This means that job applicants, clients, consumers, and co-workers are getting better, quicker service through technology.

So the next time someone complains about all the new-age, fancy technology, just remember that SaaS > File Folders! If you don’t embrace change, you will be changed.


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