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Realistic Job Searching

Finding a job can be difficult, especially if you are not currently employed due to being a recent graduate, reentering the workforce (or at least trying), and even from getting laid off. It can be easy to day-dream away while reading job listings online. But make sure you are staying grounded. There is no need to apply for positions that are clearly out of your league. Competition is tough and even candidates that are fully qualified are going without interviews and job offers.

Instead of spending eight hours a day applying to your dream job, make sure you are applying to jobs that you are fully qualified to do and use that extra time more wisely. You can improve your marketability and make yourself more attractive to employers with all that extra time. Here are some things to try next time you find yourself searching the internet for jobs longer than an hour.


Get out there and network with other professionals. LinkedIn is a great way to reach out to colleagues and get the head’s up on job offerings around you and your industry. This effort must be maintained by creating an active online presence. Uploading and sharing articles that are relevant to your field, and reading other shared stories from desirable companies. This activity is not limited to social media though, contact an old college classmate to grab coffee or lunch. Contact anyone really — friends, classmates, advisors, neighbors, past co-workers, extended family. Join local networking events and social mixers to increase the size of your network. Make sure your desire for a new job is known, as well as your qualifications and accomplishments. Let your contacts know that you won’t let them down if they recommend you for a position. And most importantly, follow-up on any and all leads given to you, even if it isn’t the right fit. It is important that your network contacts know you are serious and appreciate their help.

Stay Busy

Don’t fall into the lazy trap and eat potato chips all day while watching questionable television programs. Get out there and do something while you are waiting for an employment opportunity. There are plenty of not-for-profit organizations that need help. If you spend a little time looking for opportunities, you might be lucky enough to find an organization that needs help in your area of expertise. Finding a relevant opportunity in your desired industry can help open the door to meeting new people and augmenting your resume. Local volunteer options can also be very beneficial…consider looking into your neighborhood’s homeowners association, neighborhood crime watch team, or the community action center.

Stay Relevant

Do some freelance work while you are waiting for a full-time gig. This type of temporary work can help you build your portfolio and keep your skills up to date. Not to mention, freelancing can keep you afloat financially and improve self-confidence while expanding your personal network. Perhaps your specialty isn’t easily transferred into side-work, it is still important to keep your skill-set at the highest level to impress potential employers. Practicing your craft and studying for employment skill testing can be the difference between landing a job and job searching. There are plenty of websites out there with free tutorials and ways to boost your current knowledge.
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