Paperless Applicants Paperless New Hires

Paperless Applicants And Newly Hired Employees

Go paperless. Consider the environment before printing this document. Stop killing trees.

For years, we’ve all heard the virtues of eliminating the wasteful consumption of resources. On the Human Resources (HR) front, in particular, there’s been a movement for years toward more environmentally-friendly policies and procedures. That’s because HR functions have historically used lots of paper for many functions — payroll, policies/procedures, benefits statements, benefit enrollment, employment applications, disciplinary notices…the list goes on.

For most large employers, all of the items listed above have been handled in a paperless environment for some time. That’s no surprise to most. However, with the significant advances in HR technology over the last decade, now many small and mid-sized companies can affordably do the same. Payroll solutions, benefit administration and online enrollment tools, and HRIS offerings are fairly commonplace and allow smaller organizations to see the same efficiencies as their much larger counterparts.

Paperless Applicants Pre-Hire Process

So, once someone is an employee of an organization, there’s a good likelihood that these things will be handled electronically. But what about before that person becomes an official employee?

Over the last 10-15 years, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of organizations (both large and small) using online recruiting software. More often called applicant tracking software, these tools automate both the applicant side and the employer side of hiring. Paper applications and resumes are no longer needed. Candidate files, notes, correspondence and next steps are now located in a single database, with ready access to most anyone in the organization with permission. More and more, organizations are finding this is a great way to set the precedent for a paperless employee environment.

Similarly, a newer (but quickly becoming popular) pre-employment paperless endeavor is employee onboarding software. For many organizations, the employee onboarding process is still a very painful and expensive experience, rife with inefficiency. Onboarding software effectively does away with all of the gathering, tracking and storing of new employee records by automating the sequence for both the new hire and the employer. While not nearly as widespread as applicant tracking software, this paperless onboarding niche is growing rapidly.

Here at ExactHire, we’re big believers in taking paperless HR practices to the pre-employment space. Our software is designed to make the hiring process more efficient and effective for our customers.

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