Automate Your Job Approval Process With Requisition Management

Larger organizations have had policies and procedures in place for years to help document open positions and those internal employees who have approved the jobs for posting. This approval process — also often referred to as requisition management or job requisition management — is important to help avoid potentially embarrassing or expensive scenarios that occur when positions are posted without proper approval.

Along those lines, many mid-sized organizations have also begun formalizing these practices for the same reasons. This applies to organizations with both centralized and decentralized hiring processes. Having an easily-accessible audit trail of what positions were approved when, by whom, and posted for how long is important for most any company hiring more than a handful of new people per year.

Job Approval Tracking Method

The struggle for many of these companies is how to keep track of this information. Email threads can help, but they can lose their effectiveness if anyone goes outside the original email request for approval. Logging this in a spreadsheet certainly works, but it requires someone taking the time to create, enter and maintain the data in that spreadsheet. Additionally, it creates opportunities for errors when logging the approvals.

Good applicant tracking software (ATS) can help automate this process completely. These types of tools allow a user to begin the request for approval of a new opening electronically. This request is then logged in the ATS and is able to be routed to others involved in the requisition approval process. In turn, the approval or denial of the requisition by each person in the process is also logged for future reference. In addition, some of the better applicant tracking system offerings will even allow those people who find issues with the position to route it back to the original starting point for modifications or adjustments. Again, this clarifies the entire process and provides a comprehensive audit trail for future reference.

Take a few moments to see if your current applicant tracking software allows for job requisition management functionality. Leveraging this feature is another way to illustrate a positive ROI for your company and your HR team.

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