Text Recruiting Hourly Workers | ExactHire

How to Effortlessly Use Texting to Hire Hourly Workers

You only have to look at your smartphone’s weekly screen time…
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Audit Your Recruitment Process Marketing Content to Delight Job Seekers

Use this audit checklist to evaluate and improve the effectiveness…
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Reject With Respect: How to Decline Job Candidates

One of the less glamorous tasks in recruiting and human resources…
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10 Steps to Rolling Out Core Values at a Small Business

There are many reasons that organizations choose not to craft…
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6 Learning Benefit Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank in 2017

It’s the end of the year once again. And if you’re like me,…
ExactHire TechPoint Mira Awards Nominee-best of tech in Indiana |HR Software Companies

ExactHire Named a Nominee for 2016 TechPoint Mira Awards

It was a big year for the ExactHire team in 2015, full of many…
onboarding swag

Onboarding SWAG Never Gets Old!

Swag is everywhere these days… who doesn’t love getting free…

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