Internal Job Board With HireCentric

There’s no question that the competition for good candidates has increased significantly over the last couple of years. There are stories daily regarding how difficult it is for many organizations to find enough qualified candidates for their openings. As this trend continues, employers have to continue to look for more creative ways to engage candidates and attract them for their openings.

One possible source for qualified candidates is your existing staff. Often, companies are interested in considering existing employees for openings. In many applicant tracking system environments, however, it can be challenging to visually separate internal and external candidates, if they all apply through the same career site. This creates confusion and often leads organizations to have internal candidates apply manually via emailed resumes.

However, with HireCentric applicant tracking software, we offer the ability to create a separate internal job listings page that is available only to your current staff members. This internal job listings page will have an address that is different from your external career site, and even offers the opportunity for you to utilize a different application format than you do for your external candidates. Below is a sample of an internal job board listing area:

As you list open positions, you’ll have the opportunity to determine whether they are made available to only external candidates (via your normal job listings area), to only internal staff (via the internal job listings area), or to both sites. In those instances where you’re accepting both internal and external candidates for openings, those internal candidates who have applied will be marked with an “I” when viewed alongside other candidates. Below is an example of how you may easily identify those internal candidates:

Best of all, the internal job board feature is available to you as a standard part of your ATS platform.

To learn more about this capability or to add this functionality to your current HireCentric site, please contact our support team by emailing

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