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Stay on Top of Your Support Cases by Accessing the ExactHire Support Center Portal

Would you like to have even more visibility into the status of the support cases you have submitted with ExactHire? While you are likely familiar with the ability to send us your latest questions via support@exacthire.com or give us a call, there’s actually another way to keep track of your entire support case history and access training tip sheets all in one place!

Access ExactHire's Support PortalLet me introduce you to the ExactHire Support Center at support.exacthire.com. You may also access the support portal directly from our company website via the “SUPPORT” link in the upper right corner. In this blog, I’ll break down the many options available to you for becoming a power user of our software solutions. You’ll be a technology for hiring rock star in no time!

  • Find all the latest tip sheets
  • Browse by topic
  • Search with keywords
  • Post a public question
  • Start new support cases directly from the portal
  • Login to access your own support case history
  • View, resolve and/or reopen cases
  • View cases for your entire organization

Find all the latest tip sheets

Within the ExactHire Support Center, we’re always adding more content to this vast knowledge base about our applicant tracking and employee onboarding software.

ExactHire Support | Browse by topicBrowse by topic
You’ll find that content is organized into categories that will make it easier for you to get up to speed on our products. For example, review the tip sheets in the first category “HireCentric ATS: Let’s Get Started” before diving into the content within the “Site Customization & Settings” area.

Search with keywords
If you don’t immediately see the topic category that suits you, never fear! Simply enter a keyword search term into the “have a question?” search box near the top of the page. If your search terms match with any of the words used in the portal’s various tip sheets, a list of relevant tip sheets will appear for your selection.
 ExactHire Support | Keyword search

Start new cases directly from the portal

ExactHire Support | Email usIf you are already perusing the support portal, there’s no need to exit your browser and go to your email to send us a new case. Instead, use the “email us” link on the right side of the page to initiate a brand new case to ExactHire Client Services. A window will appear allowing you to designate a subject line, message body, and you may even choose to upload a file – perhaps a screenshot that better illustrates your question. Once submitted, your new case will go directly to our support suite inbox…just like the messages you begin from your email application.

Post a public question

ExactHire Support | Post public questionIf you are looking for insight on how to handle a particular task or are curious to see how other users have addressed a similar item, then you might like to post a public question within the portal using the link on the right side of the page. Once selected, you will select one of the portal’s knowledge base categories from the drop down box, and then also type in a subject line and message.

After you click the “Ask Question” button, you may be prompted with suggested tip sheets that could be a match for the answers you are seeking. Either select one of these suggestions, or move forward to post your question anyway.
 ExactHire Support | Post Your Question
 ExactHire Support | Posted Question
Once posted, other users will be able to see and comment on your
question, and ExactHire Client Services will be notified in our support
suite, as well.
 ExactHire Support | View User Questions

Login to access your own support case history

ExactHire Support | Login to portalYou are not required to login to view the training documentation we offer on the support portal; however, we do encourage you to create an account and login using either your account credentials, Facebook account, or Twitter profile to access your own case history. This is really handy if you’d rather not keep active support case email notifications in your inbox. On a side note, in case you didn’t know, you may submit new cases to us via Facebook and Twitter, as well.

Once logged in to the portal, click the “My Cases” link in the upper right corner of the page, and then select “Show My Cases” from the drop-down box and toggle between showing all your cases vs. only your currently active inquiries with the check box.

ExactHire Support | View Case Details

View, reply to, resolve and/or reopen support cases

ExactHire Support | Reply to caseClick on the subject line of a case to view all the details of your correspondence with the ExactHire Client Services team. Then, either reply to the case from within the portal; or, resolve or reopen the case, if desired, depending on the situation. Resolving the case lets ExactHire Client Services know that no further response is required from us on the matter.

View cases for your entire organization

If you want to check to see if your co-workers have already submitted an inquiry to us about a pressing topic, you may see your company’s case history when logged into the portal.

ExactHire Support | Show All CasesFrom the “My Cases” link, navigate to the drop-down box and select “Show All Cases.” Again, you may choose whether you prefer to see every case ever submitted, only active cases or all cases submitted during a recent time period.

We at ExactHire are excited about the Support Center and encourage our clients to make regular use of it in order to become even more acquainted with our product options and help resources.

Check out all the latest product training tip sheets in the ExactHire Support Center. Not yet an ExactHire client? Contact us for more information or visit our resources section for product demos, white papers and newsletters.

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