Create Web-Based Employee Paperwork

How to Create a Web-Based New Hire Form

Human Resources professionals can help make a new hire’s paperwork less cumbersome by facilitating ease of use and accessibility during the process. One way to achieve these efficiencies is by creating web-based new hire forms. You may have people in your organization that can help do this with Excel, Word, or Adobe PDFs. However, when collecting personal information, the safety of that information is a very high priority.

Creating web-based new hire forms with ExactHire’s onboarding application can eliminate any security concerns. Our employee onboarding software contains your company’s handbook, policies, Form I-9, W-4 Form, and other new employee paperwork. The software allows the new employee to populate fields to these forms by providing answers up front in a questionnaire format. These answers are then placed into the form where the employee reviews all information before electronically signing each file. After the documents are signed, if additional approval or signatures are required from Human Resources staff, those administrative users may enter the system, review the files signed by new employees, and then submit valid electronic signatures, as well.

What to Expect from Onboarding Software Implementation

The process of building a web-based new hire form is much more seamless than one might think. First, ExactHire gathers and reviews all the standard forms that you would like included in your branded onboarding software portal. If we have any questions about the forms provided to us during this step of the process, we will certainly discuss them with you, and be happy to answer your questions, as well. Typically, our questions involve understanding who fills out which portions of various forms, and knowing which form fields need to be pre-filled before the employee looks at the form. From here, our programming team will take the PDF, Word, or Excel forms provided to us during the onset of the implementation phase and begin building the questionnaire into the system.

Once built, if there are any fields that should always be completed with the same information (i.e. company name and address), we can set those to auto-populate. We will assign you an employee-level login to test your newly created web-based new hire forms. As a result, you will receive an email with a username and password requesting that you complete the forms. Then, you will walk through the questionnaire to submit your answers. After you’ve viewed and signed your forms as a new employee would, you will be invited to view your forms as an administrative-level user to experience that aspect of the approval process for yourself.

Create an electronic means for new hires to complete onboarding paperwork easily while making sure all information is stored safely. Check out our video demo if you’re interested in seeing how ExactHire can partner with your organization on this process.

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