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How to Create Digital New Hire Forms

Human resources professionals can improve employee onboarding by creating a process to complete new hire paperwork that is easy to follow and manage. Web-based (or digital) new hire forms are a great way to achieve this. Now, you may have people in your organization that can facilitate a process like this by using Excel, Word, or Adobe PDFs. However, the security of personal information should be a very high priority, and those programs often fall short in that area.

OnboardCentric by ExactHire allows organizations to create digital new hire forms that eliminate any security concerns. Our employee onboarding software contains your company’s handbook, policies, Form I-9, W-4 Form, and other new employee paperwork. Here’s how it works:

Implementing Onboarding Software–What to Expect

The process of building a digital new hire form is much more seamless than one might think. First, ExactHire gathers and reviews all the standard forms that you would like to include. If we have any questions about those forms, we will discuss them with you. And we are happy to answer your questions, as well!

Typically, our questions are aimed at understanding who fills out which portions of various forms. We also need to know which form fields will be pre-filled before the employee looks at the form. From there, our team will take the PDF, Word, or Excel forms provided to us and build the questionnaire into the system.

We will assign you an employee-level login to test your newly created web-based new hire forms. As a result, you will receive an email with a username and password requesting that you complete the forms. Then, you will walk through the questionnaire to submit your answers.

After you’ve viewed and signed your forms as a new employee would, you can view your forms as an administrative-level user would, and complete that aspect of the approval process.

Choosing Onboarding Software–Why ExactHire?

Collecting, managing, and storing sensitive employee data is no small task. While there are many online form solutions on the market, few can meet the specific requirements of a Human Resources department.

Our employee onboarding software is designed by a team with professional HR experience and credentials. Beyond simple forms, our system facilitates internal task management and offers features such as integrated E-verify, and push-to-payroll.

Finally, when local or federal governments release new compliance requirements or updates to forms, our team likely knows about it first. We help you respond to changes quickly, and we are always available if you have questions or advice.



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The State of Your HR Goals

Our clients are often looking for help in leveraging ExactHire solutions to meet their HR goals. Whether it be optimizing job templates, setting up custom reports, or integrating assessments into their hiring process, helping clients succeed is extremely rewarding for me. So it’s no surprise that ExactHire clients and HR success were on my mind last week when I was listening to Indiana’s Governor Holcomb deliver his 2020 State of the State address.

It’s All About Jobs and Impact

As I listened to the speech, albeit while wrestling my toddler into his pajamas, I made a mental note of how many times I heard the word jobs (or job). Because I know the mind can play tricks and make a person biased toward items they are most familiar with, it made me wonder if I was actually hearing the word job more frequently than other words.

So I ran a quick analysis on the speech and the word jobs was said 13 times. When taking out pronouns and articles, the only other words that were more frequently used were: Indiana, year, and state. I’m glad to know that my mind wasn’t playing a trick on me!

I feel like this is worth pointing out because the work of an HR department is important. I feel like all of you in human resources, posting your jobs, looking for the right new hire, are doing work that impacts not only your organization, but your state and country, too. It wasn’t that long ago when a human resources department seemed to be a thing of luxury. But now we have the ear of our lawmakers; we battle the largest challenge at most organizations; and we invest in the biggest assets an organization has – its employees.

While you might feel frustrated that you cannot seem to find the right hire or that filling a position is taking longer than expected, do know that you are taking on a critical component of the economy – working on things that make an impact larger than you may have initially thought, with ripples expanding outward – and people are taking note.

Helping You Achieve Your HR Goals

No business can succeed without setting goals. The most successful organizations are constantly reviewing past performance and making appropriate adjustments in order to achieve future goals. While this applies to whole organizations, it’s also true for individual departments. What are your HR goals? Where can you improve your outcomes or efficiency?

If you are interested in brainstorming ideas on how you can improve your applicant pool, increase the speed of onboarding new hires, or test drive software that may create efficiencies for you, don’t hesitate to give myself or any of my teammates a call.

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