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Prevent Workplace Theft

Hiring the right talent for your organization is never an exact science. Hiring managers and teams must seek to make the best hiring decisions with the information they have available. Sometimes this inexact science results in a new hire that lacks certain skills or competence. In this scenario, a poor hiring decision can be overcome […]

Exercising Discipline to Succeed

The phrase “exercise discipline” can rouse different feelings. On one hand, we dread discipline as a punishment for failure. Parents discipline a child for failing to get off the playground when asked. After failing an assignment, a student becomes disciplined and grudgingly chooses the library over the party. On the other hand, we admire discipline […]

Spreadsheets for Hiring | A Modern Alternative

A while back I wrote about the employee onboarding process and its movement away from spreadsheets. In that post, I shared my love for spreadsheets, but I also pointed out the shortcomings related to their use with onboarding new employees. In this post, I would like to look at another area where, in many cases, […]

Moving The Onboarding Process Away from Spreadsheets

There are two types of people: those who love spreadsheets, and those who are hopelessly disorganized. Ok, perhaps that’s an over simplification, but I’ve yet to come across a highly organized person who doesn’t have a solid grasp–and a tinge of excitement–for creating and using spreadsheets. That being said, in some instances your favorite spreadsheet […]

Changes to HSA on the Way?

Over the past month, the main news coming out of Washington has been the process to nominate of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. In fact, it can seem that the nomination process has taken all of the Senate’s time and energy. However, Senators also have a number of House Bills to review, consider, and […]

Hiring in Healthcare: Does a Nursing Shortage Exist?

There’s a nursing shortage! I don’t know when I started hearing about it, but it was probably in the early 2000’s right before I set off for college. I distinctly remember hearing that nursing was a great career choice. And I once considered pursuing it–even after the movie, Meet the Parents, played up the stigma around […]

Looking for Answers at HR Indiana 2018

One of the largest regional human resources conferences in the U.S. is less than a week away. The 2018 HR Indiana Conference runs from August 20 to August 22 and will feature 88 speakers presenting to over 1500 attendees. This wildly popular 3-day event is jam-packed with opportunities to learn, network, and be inspired–not to […]

Filling a Skills Gap in Manufacturing

Throughout 2018, the U.S. economy has continued to add jobs. The Jobs Report for July 2018 showed employers adding 157,000 new jobs and pegged the unemployment rate at 3.9%–which hovers around an 18-year low. This is in drastic comparison to a decade ago, when during the Great Recession the unemployment rate began its steep rise […]