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Vermont “Ban the Box” Legislation

As the movement to eliminate potential employment barriers for individuals with a criminal record continues, Vermont is the newest state to pass legislation to “Ban the Box” in the early stages of the application process for public and private sector employment. “Ban the Box” AKA “Fair Chance Policy” aims to reduce recidivism rates and future […]

Oregon Ban The Box Legislation

As we approach the final quarter of 2015, it is never too early to start preparing for new legislation that will affect hiring practices in 2016.  Effective January 1, 2016, Oregon will become the newest state to implement “Ban the Box” legislation for both public and private sector employment.  Other states that have already enacted […]

Common Problems With The Pre-Employment Screening Process

You’re in the homestretch of filling a vacant position within your organization. You have at least one candidate you are confident will help meet, or possibly exceed, your organization’s goals and objectives in this vacant role. The last item before crossing the finish line: pre-employment screening. Sometimes, pre-employment screening can feel like you have hit […]

Tapping Your Untapped Audience – Social Media

Have you checked your Facebook page today? Tweeted? Updated your LinkedIn profile? Chances are you have completed one, two, or all three of those items today. Social media can have a huge influence on both our personal and professional lives, and it can be a great resource to effectively promote our organization as well. Building […]

Don’t Hire A Liar – Reference Check Tips

Have you ever looked at a resume and wondered if it was too good to be true? Unfortunately, sometimes that is a legitimate question. Honesty is always the best policy. This not only applies to personal life, but to professional life as well. Recruiters have limited time to review resumes, so applicants need to convey […]

New Goals For HR Efficiency

‘Tis the New Year!  Whether that brings you joyous excitement or “Bah Humbug”, the new year is here, and changes are sure to come. And while we cannot slow time, we can control how we respond to the changes that the New Year will bring.  With positivity, wonder, and excitement, we can look forward to those […]

Need Good Help? Turn to Interns

When employers think of adding qualified candidates to their company’s talent pool, quite often, they overlook a specific population of energetic, intelligent and motivated individuals. What is this group of untapped human capital you ask? INTERNS! Yes, I said interns. It is possible that an HR manager might envision an intern as a college student […]

New Jersey’s Opportunity to Compete Act

Over the past few months, the ExactHire team has shared information with you through our blogs on the “Ban the Box” movement and the legislative changes that have been implemented.  Illinois, Rhode Island, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Hawaii are states that have enacted legislation in both the public and private sectors relating to when a background […]