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Are You Getting The Most From Social Media?

Have you ever been upset about a product or service and swiftly turned to Facebook to share your frustrations? Have you tagged a company or posted the complaint on their page. Did you get an answer? Be Social An organization that has a social media page on every possible site, but does not effectively interact […]

Test Your Application Through The Applicant’s Eyes

Finding the right employees can be daunting. Have you ever thought about how equally disheartening it can be to find the right job? I strongly encourage our clients to play the role of job-seeker by searching and applying for open positions at their organization. What they find is often times surprising, but it almost always […]

Time Is Money – Paperless HR Makes Money

Once you find, interview, and hire that new employee, it is time to get started with training. But first, that new employee must complete the new-hire paperwork. Sign this release, pick your benefit package, here is a state form, a federal form, and few more things. That should be all you need until enrollment rolls […]

Fix Bad Customer Service, Don’t Flip Out

My daughter was on Fall Break, and that meant that she needed a friend over to keep her company. It was a regular work-from-home day for me, but when 2 adorable little girls ask you to  take them to the local trampoline park for an hour, you kind of want to give in to that […]

5 Ways to Get Your Recruiting Emails Noticed

Are  you constantly sending out recruiting emails that receive a lackluster response? Here are five ways you can grab the attention of that uber-qualified employee and get them on the track to working for you!   Specific Subject Lines Subject lines are the little previews that help the recipient decide to open the message or […]

Perfectly Indispensable – 11 Ways to Impress Your Boss

High unemployment rates, volatile markets, and the constant need for businesses to run leaner are all great reasons to become indispensable at work. Let the perfect employee that lives within you radiate through your office, and recession proof yourself! Increase your personal stock value and make sure you get noticed with: 11 Ways To Win […]

5 Ways to Become a Mastermind at Writing Job Listings

First impressions can change the way you look at applicants, contractors, vendors, and everyone else that you come in contact with on a daily basis. Those impressions can be good or bad, but human nature causes us to create those mental connections–even if we are trying to stay unbiased. It’s easy to forget that applicants […]

The Hiring Process: Are We There Yet?

  The hiring process can be difficult for both the applicant and employer. Just as an anxious child awaits the end of a long road trip, both parties are asking, “Are we there yet?” Invest Time in Saving Time Streamline Your Hiring Process Wasting time is expensive. And if your company spends too much time […]