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Ensuring a high-quality fit for new hires is critical to building a strong organization capable of reaching its potential. In the past, this has been a complicated and arduous task for human resources personnel. That’s why ExactHire has developed applicant tracking, employee onboarding, reference checking and employee assessment solutions to empower organizations to become more efficient and effective. To introduce these software solutions, we’ve created the following HR videos focus on our products and services. You can also check out other HR Videos  and resources to learn more about how these solutions can help you and your organization reach your goals.

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RefCentric Reference Checking Software Overview

RefCentric Reference Check Software Demo

RefCentric online reference checking software from ExactHire uses intuitive technology to standardize the process of checking references. It also makes this critical administrative responsibility much easier and faster for human resources professionals. Companies can drastically reduce the number of man hours spent on this task, while also improving the response rate via our paperless web-based platform.

ExactHire’s online reference check tool is designed to improve the pre-employment screening process for new employees. Getting feedback from others who have supervised or worked alongside a potential hire can be invaluable, but is often difficult to come by via traditional reference checking methods due to lack of response or feedback that isn’t meaningful or objective.

RefCentric has a clean & simple administrative dashboard that makes navigating the system easy. Administrators may quickly view any candidate’s record and corresponding information within the portal. Once reference packages are customized to your organization’s needs during implementation, a reference check may be launched in a matter of seconds.

On the external side, this software will send your candidate an invitation to start the reference check process, including a link that will take the candidate directly to RefCentric and provide the appropriate FCRA Disclosure before the candidate is asked to enter the contact information for his/her references. Automated, personal invitations from the candidates to their references mean higher response rates. In addition, this method provides meaningful insight that reflects the chosen competencies most important to your company. References are more likely to give honest feedback since reporting is done anonymously.

As references are solicited for your potential new employees, this web-based software application provides you a standardized process and the ability to make final decisions based on aggregated responses to consistent questions. In addition, RefCentric enables you to use this data to look for pre-employment screening trends over time.

Onboarding Central Employee Onboarding Software Overview

Employee Onboarding Software Demo

After the process of wading through applicants and making hiring decisions, the task of onboarding comes to the forefront. This is a critical time for both new employees and the employer, and optimization is key to success. Most employers guide new hires through an onboarding process of some kind that includes the gathering of relevant information, including both state and federal employment paperwork, and various orientation and training requirements. It’s often a whirlwind process in which hires are trying to get their bearings as HR staff try to stay organized.

With the new hire onboarding software, management can effortlessly track employees through the onboarding process and learn more about those individuals at the same time. Paperless HR tasks are much more easily implemented and managed in a hands-off manner, and approving various forms can be done in a single click. At the end of the process, new hire forms can easily be approved by both employees and administrators through the use of an electronic signature. Try our online pricing estimator to see why ExactHire employee onboarding software is an affordable option for small- and medium-sized organizations.

HireCentric Applicant Tracking Software Overview

HireCentric Applicant Tracking Software Demo

ExactHire’s applicant tracking software is designed to improve the process of hiring new employees, lending efficiency and organization to human resources departments while finding the right fit for every position in your organization. This multi-faceted software solution delivers a range of services to its users. The administrative side of this software offers easy access to a variety of features, including job postings management, applicant screening, communication with candidates and various reporting needs, either within your organization or to external entities.

On the applicant side, this software can seamlessly transition from your organization’s website to the software interface while supporting applicants with a variety of features. Informational articles and resources, including a frequently asked questions page, can be established. Applicants can access your various social media accounts to connect with your company through these portals. They can also quickly apply to new positions with greater ease by accessing their candidate profile and using certain content from a previous employment application. Meanwhile, the employees responsible for hiring can easily review applicants and assign various statuses to communicate the stage in the hiring process in which each applicant resides. Or, if applicants don’t meet the minimum hiring standards, they can be easily and automatically be removed from consideration with scoring and disqualification filters.

And since organizations sometimes need to represent their hiring processes to regulatory bodies, this applicant tracking software is outfitted with an ad hoc report builder, as well as several standard reports, that can be easily assembled, exported and used for regulatory efforts. In fact, the software was designed with EEO, affirmative action and other employment compliance requirements in mind, so this management tool is one of its strengths.

HireCentric ATS Job Requisition Management

Bring consistency and efficiency to your job opening approval process using the job requisition management feature within ExactHire’s HireCentric applicant tracking system. Our requisition management tool is designed for small- and medium-sized companies that wish to better control costs associated with the hiring and recruiting process.

With the HireCentric ATS in place, both hiring managers and HR administrators may initiate requisition requests so that new job listings are approved by multiple layers of management prior to being pushed to external job boards and social media sites.

Contact ExactHire to learn more about our flexible and customizable requisition management tool.

HireCentric ATS Social Recruiting Tools

Learn how HireCentric applicant tracking software can help you leverage the power of social media for your recruiting process. Our web-based recruiting software application is an ideal resource for small- to medium-sized companies that wish to harness the viral power of social networks. Use the tools available within HireCentric to reduce the time it takes to post job listings to many different company social media pages.

With a HireCentric careers portal branded for your organization, you enable job seekers to easily share your job listings to the most popular social networks. They may also subscribe to job alerts informing them of your latest employment opportunities. Also, take advantage of the integrations with Facebook and Twitter which allow you to post new positions and status updates to your corporate social pages, automatically.

Contact ExactHire to learn more about social recruiting within our ATS today.

HireCentric ATS Custom Employment Application Options

HireCentric ATS Customized Job Portals

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Our HR videos can introduce ExactHire software platforms and how they integrate into your HR processes. However, our live demonstrations give HR professionals a customized tour through product features, and a chance to ask specific questions. Additionally, ExactHire offers a free trial of the applicant tracking software platform that gives you time to experience the benefits of an ATS first-hand, and with the guiding expertise of our ExactHire staff.

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