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It is Your Choice to Have a Positive Day at the Office!

Remember the words of wisdom spoken to you by grandparents and parents as you were growing up? Things like: “Be careful for what you wish for, you just might get it”; or “You are what you think”; or “Intentions equal results”.

You may look at your current state of affairs and say, “this is who I am." But it's is who you WERE! So what do I mean by that?

In the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, she unlocks ideas and tools to positive experiences and results. I am a huge fan of this book and it sits beside me at work every day. It is my opinion if the tools are practiced, it can propel us to overcome obstacles and catalyze us to be drawn to success both personally and professionally. I try to apply the same principles to work as I do in my personal life. Now, I’m not always 100% right on target but I do TRY!

That being said, my thinking naturally floated into wondering what the lessons of this book have to do with work, or how they would be applicable if I were job hunting, or my co-workers were for that matter? How do you hone your talent acquisition strategy to select people who fit into your office environment and bring positive results and job performance? If we are being totally honest, we sense and feel a great difference when working with a positive vs. negative co-worker! But, you think to yourself, they all "seemed so nice" and competent when we interviewed them! It is easy to become a great interviewer despite the fact that one might not be a correspondingly great employee. You already know that a great resume does not necessarily always equal great job fit.

So, how do we gauge a person’s soft skills---those intangible traits beyond what the resume and educational background tell you? There are employee assessment tools on the market to accomplish just this. Such tools are an important speaking point in any human resource planning discussion. To start a conversation about what "secret" personality and behavioral traits you want to uncover about your employees, contact ExactHire.

I wish you all an enjoyable and successful day at the office!

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